a r t

this is a list of a few works that i have done, whether it be in photoshop or just a few drawings. all images were created by me.


a new background i made for kicks today, since i was bored out of my mind.

this is my latest signature over at the forums i visit.


and the matching avatar, of course.


i just decided to edit a few pictures and throw them together. came out very...strange.


i was bored today



a fairly nice looking background that i made


another background; not quite as nice


one of my favorite signatures for a forum i frequent


another signature from the forums


the avatar i use


a signature i made when i was in a gang at the forums


a weird signature i created; not too fond of this one


one of my first "sig of the week" entries


another "sig of the week" beginning. i never completed this one, as i disliked it so much.


more art should be added sometime, keep checking back. hopefully, i will remove the horrible ones, and add the good ones

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