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Thanks for stopping by. There is not much about me to say . Everything in this site is in My Links. My page is an effort to keep all the links I know for USMLE and other medical,music and leisure sites,all in one place, Hope you like my work.And dont forget to tell me your thoughts.
I recently moved over to del.icio.us to keep all my latest links, under different tags- may or may not interest you,
depending on the topic. So I have not updated this site in a couple of years, atleast. After you browse through this site, esp. for doctors, go to my del.icio.us
(Its a site where you can place your favourite links and is really helpful, not to have a bunch of links under my favorites on my computer).There is a lot of stuff here, quite a bit of junk too, but I like it this way
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  •  About myself...
      Hi ! I am Neelima,an Indian doctor now in US.I love the internet but am still in the early stages of HTML.So this page is but an experiment
    and is forever under construction.I was in
    New York and I loved it.Now I am in Birmingham and love it.
    Its a great place to eat out,as you can see at Birminghammenus.com. "Two" busy now with my one kiddo
    and a half-turned one-Isnt < a href="109_0984.JPG">the one you can see cute?

    My Country...
    Mera Bharat Mahan. Check out IncredibleIndia

    My Hometown...
    Hyderabad is a beautiful city,ever modern but never losing 400 years of its rich cultural heritage

     My Family...
    I am the only child to my parents and only wife to my husband.
    ....And now, only mother to my only two kids 

     Just for my sons!
    Great kids music free online!temp. out of order
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  • Freekidsmusic.com
  • Topsitesforkids.com
  • My Friends...
    My friends are the wealth I accumulated in all these years.I am lucky and proud to have them as my friends.

    My Links

  • Medical links
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse
  • Freebooks4doctos.com
  • aippg.com
  • for AP PG
  • Rxpg- good site with useful Indian and international, USMLE/PLAB,etc. medical links
  • ekg link
  • Toxicology
  • embbs clinical Case competetion
  • ER home
  • for cases,clinical pearls,easy formulas,etc.
  • Musculoskeletal cases
  • Short cases
  • medlinks..alphabetical listing of diseases
  • ABIM American boards sample questions
  • GHETTO for imgsabout USMLE,Interview,Visa,Residency and everything
  • Interactive patient
  • clinico-pathologic conference
  • Doctors pagefor practicing physicians
  • some med student stuff,cases,etc.
  • Some ECGs
  • Listen to Lung sounds
  • Radiology rounds
  • Photo Rounds
  • ECG Rounds
  • Cyberpatient simulatorfor ACLS and PALS
  • Free fulltext Online journals
  • Online Medical Textbooks
  • Clinicalcalculators and scoring systems
  • OnlineDermatology Atlas
  • cme links umich cme
  • psych cme nejmcareercenter

    GI Links

    GI GI

  • American Gastroenterological Association
  • ACG
  • ACG patient page
  • ASGE
  • for physicians
  • ASGE
  • OMGE
  • World Gastroenterolgoy Organisation
  • Gastrosource.com
  • Gastrohep.com
  • Medscape Gastroenterology
  • great review site for GI H.pylori and more...NEJM review articles,power point slides,etc.
  • European society for primary care GIfor individual european countries; check out GI links page
  • Elsalvador video endoscopy atlasEnglish and Spanish
  • Online MELD calculator
  • and more free palm downloads...pre-op guidelines,etc.
  • Misc. site for students
  • with cases,etc.
  • PUD
  • OTHER Nexium list of webresources
  • GI Journals
  • American Journal of Gastroenterology
  • Clinical Gastro and Hep
  • Gut
  • FDHN GI awards and grants page
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse
  • ACG Guidelines
  • AGA Medical position statements
  • and more
  • Free online GI books
  • William Steinberg Sample Board Review Questions
  • ACG
  • Online Self Assessment Test

    Physician earning opportunites...for financial compensation/honoraria/gift certificates; I have used only the first 4 with good results

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  • Music
    • Ragalahari...The coolest one
    • More Telugu song pages
    • some good telugu pages
    • Venu's page
    • Coolgoose music downloads

    • Telugu
    • Hindi
    • Tamil
    • srikumar.com downloads
    • MP3s for free download...please note that some of these links may not funtion
       sometime because of copyright problems
  • Cards
  • Learn HTML the easy way(where I learnt it)...thanks to Narendra babu
  • AP links
  • India links
  • News
    • Telugu
    • English
      • Hindu
      • Times of India
      • Indian Express
      • The Telegraph
      • BBC South Asia
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    • Books and Magazines
    • My Travel links
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      • Priceline or Hotwire
      • Sometimes at Expedia
      • Go to the airlines website for best deals anytime like Delta,Southwest,AA.com,
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  • Religious Links
  • Health
  • Health tools you need
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  • Miscellaneous
  • Jokes
  • Oops... physical exam??? Ouch !!
  • Free online translatorMust see/need when dealing with spanish people,etc.
  • SAVE ENERGY and save $$$; Official US site with lot of tips-check out the links on the left
  • Cooking
  • Great recipes at allrecipes.com
  • Bawarchi.com
  • Check out khanakhazana.com for a guide to all Indian restaurants in US and UK and customer comments, and ofcourse, recipes
  • food-india.com
  • Tarladalal.com
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