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Welcome to my website.

In case you are wondering what kind of person I am...

...all I have to say is that you asked for it!


I am an Indian guy that was born in Redwood City, California (it's about 30 miles from San Francisco). I lived in Redwood City through Kindergarten, and some of First Grade. After this, I moved to Fremont, California, where I lived until 1994.

It was after this that my parents realized that California wasn't the place to be, so we decided to move to Texas, in the peaceful and pleasant town of Marlin, Texas (30 miles southeast of Waco).   After about 5 years in Marlin, we built a house in Waco and now split our time between the two cities.  Since then, I have spent two years in the Caribbean Islands of Grenada & St. Vincent doing my first two years in Medical School.  I then did my third and fourth years of Medical School at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York.  Now, I am currently in Dallas, doing my residency in Family Medicine at the Baylor Family Medicine Residency Program at Garland.



Redwood City Montessori


Alpha-Beacon Christian, San Carlos, CA       (1st grade)

Ardenwood Elementary, Fremont, CA           (2nd to 6th grades)

Junior High

Walter's Junior High School, Fremont, CA     (7th to 8th grades)

High School

Connally High School, Waco, TX                  (9th to 12th grades)


Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics

Medical School

St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies

Doctor of Medicine


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