Fun Ford Weekend
Ennis, TX  2000
  For now, this site will be dedicated to my experience at the Fun Ford Weekend that was held at Ennis,TX this past October. This was the first time I had ever been to a Fun Ford Weekend and it was by far the best car event I've come across.
   I was there for Saturday's races which is probably the best day to attend. Although the day was stretched out by rain delay after rain delay, it was well worth the wait and fustration.
  I'll be attending the Thunder Fun Ford Weekend that will be held at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, TX this coming May.This time I'll be using my Mavica to record plenty of MPEGs of the races  instead of my camcorder.
These are some of the snap-shots I took even though i spent most of my time behind the lense of a camcorder. I still kick myself for not  recording any MPEGs while I was there so I have to make due with the stills I have for this site.
Evidence of the bad weather that weekend.
Mike Murillo of Texas Jam Racing performing a massive burnout.
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Mike on his way to a 8.27 sec. 1/4 mile run.
No Ford event is complete without SVT.
This was by far my favorite mustang at the event.
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