President Nana Mensah Children are a gift from God and should be taken very good care of no matter their location and environment. NEEDY KIDZ FOUNDATION was borne out of this belief. The current C.E.O. and founder of the organization Isaac Nana Mensah has always wanted an opportunity in his own small way to help unfortunate and needy children hence the idea to form an organization to that effect was conceived. It was however during his final exam days at high school, so the idea had to be put on hold to enable him prepare for his final exams. When he got home, he consulted a few adults notably among them, his mom for advice and how to go about things before finally beginning the registration process. Vice President Benedicta Bentil

On 3rd July, 2000, the attorney general's department of Ghana officially approved and issued the organizations certificate of incorporation and a new non-governmental and non-profit organization which aims at helping needy children and help address issues affecting them was borne, under the name needy kidz foundation. Realizing this was not going to be an easy job for one person, he invited a few of his trusted colleagues to help run the organization, a task they willingly and voluntarily accepted and now serve as the executive members of the organization.

Needy kidz foundation in it's existence has one major goal and mission, and that is to help alleviate the plight of needy Ghanaian and African kids through it's charitable programs as well as the print and electronic media.

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