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I said I'd update and find something new to add. And I did!
It's all my daughters' fault - well, three of them anyway.
It all started with a Renaissance Faire. The girls and their
friends decided to attend as a *clan*, they found a generic
tartan and set about making kilts, shirts, leggings and sashes
for the "MacMackin" men. The girls had skirts, blouses and
velvet corsets/vests. They had such a wonderful time with the
first RenFaire they attended that it became a regular weekend
event for the group! There seems to be a RenFaire circuit.
That's how it began. I peeked into Martha's RenFaire box a
few days ago (her velvet corset needed updating) and had
the chance to see all the wonderfully authentic gear that
she has accumulated to complete her costume. There are
photos of the RenFaire Maiden, and another of the
serving wench who was attending the 'MacMackin women'.

But it didn't stop there. Oh no! Once you get a taste for
that kind of dress up fun, it's hard to resist!

Now, the interest (in addition to RenFaire) is leaning towards
PEERS, the Period Events and Entertainments Re-creation
Society. PEERS hosts a monthly Ball - each with its own
theme. Thus far, we've added a lovely teal satin gown,
circa 1880 (bustle and all) to our costume closet. There
is also a turquoise and cream empire waisted dress from the
1850s. Coming soon, a 1940s floaty chiffon dress for the
"Black, White and Shades of Gray Ball". Then there is the
upcoming "Butterfly Ball" a mid-Victorian summer costume
ball. Oh my! I don't have all the photos yet. But I will soon.

In the meantime, this has sparked a whole new style of
sewing for me. I'd love to share some of my tips, and
certainly the wonderful pattern sites I've been finding -
you can see them on my Links page.

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Last updated May 7, 2004

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