As the villagers slowly rose to the top of the mountain, the trails of light shone stronger into their eyes as the heavens began to part to let them inot the hands of nature.

Not many made it to the pinacle of life but those who did looked back down in awe as they realised the  magnatude that evil had engulfed their world., but soon all thoughts vanished as the voice beacame louder leading thme along a tiny path and upon seeing an aura of light coming from within a mountain hideaway they knelt to honour the fallen.

A small lad then ventured inot the cave, he flet no fear as the intense light shone down upon him, filling his heart with warmth as it reached deep within his soul.

Seeing a small golden chest he knelt on both knees to open it, carefully as not to awaken anything he lifted the lid. The light was so bright it was blinding them with delight as it changed colour, the voices of angels sang as the lad reached into the chest and stood with the object in his hands.

All could see the shimmering splinter of steel that glistened from his hands, a beam of light sprayed out and downward to repent the evil that was destroying the land. The light shone brighter and brighter and the darkness was being vanquished back into the depths of hell.....
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