Puzzle Tag Tutorial (requires Bladepro)

This tutorial was written by Andrew M. Ronayne and he was kind enough to allow me to put it on my page.

Thank you Andrew!


Download the amr jigsaw preset pack.

Unzip and copy the contents to your Blade Pro Environment & Textures folder.

Open or create an image you wish to apply the jigsaw puzzle effect to.

Select Image / Plug-in Filters from the drop-down menu. Open Blade Pro (Flaming Pear/Blade Pro).

Click on the "load preset" button. Select the jigsaw preset of your choice.

Apply the amr jigsaw.q9q (or amr jigsaw deep.q9q or amr jigsaw inverted.q9q) preset to the image.

Step 2:

1. Use the + (plus symbol) key on your numeric keypad to zoom in on the image.

2. Select the freehand selection tool. I used the following settings:

1. Left mouse click (in small steps) your way around the jigsaw "piece" you wish to remove.

2. Right mouse click to make the selection complete.

Do NOT de-select the puzzle "piece".

Step 3:

1. Select WHITE as your background colour .

2. Use the tool to cut your selection to the Windows clipboard.

3. Do NOT de-select the cut out puzzle "shape".

Step 4:

1. Select Image / Effects / Cutout from the drop-down menu.

I used the following settings:

Step 5:

1. Press Ctrl+e to paste your cut jigsaw "piece" onto the picture as a new selection.

2. Position the new selection to the desired location. Right mouse click to lock it in place.

3. Do NOT de-select the newly pasted puzzle "piece".

Step 6:

1. Select Image / Rotate from the drop-down menu.

I used the following settings:

2. Optional: Add a drop shadow to raise the piece above the rest of the puzzle.

I used the following settings:

2. Deselect the new piece (if you're happy!) and save your new puzzle.

Andrew M. Ronayne - Kitsch design/Go FiGuRe! graphics 1998. All rights reserved.


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