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Crystal Indigo
                                I've seen the sun rise on your golden hair.

                                                    The Sea
                                sparkling like the diamonds through the waves
                                                of crystal indigo,
                                I shall remember you,
                               wherever I go,
                               whatever I do.
                              There's that empty feeling inside that won't let go, when I think of you.
                              Like that of the oceans waves,
                              it 's oh, so blue.
                             The life I'll never know,
                              leaves a feeling of crystal indigo.
                                                 On the shore,
                            watching the sun go down,
                            decades are so slow.

                           Well, the tide is rushing in,
                           it's time to go home.

                         One last look before my dreams end.

                                                 The sea,
                        sparkling like diamonds through waves of crystal indigo,

                      I shall remember you wherever I go.
Denise Schofield
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