and yes,this site is made for the purpose of socks.

Socks or no socks,my toes are cold. Socks or no socks the world goes on.

But isn't it true that socks are quite stylish? If

it's not true then it is,am i right? BELIEVE in socks.

Everytime someone says they dont BELIEVE in socks,a sock

falls unconsious only to be awakened in a penetentiary

where they have no freedom. It's a very cold place,too.


got milk logo is got milk's not our's. Now what does Gandalf have to do with this?

What does milk have to do with this? Why don't you tell me? HUH? HUH?

This site is maintained and heavily gaurded by the most stylish

and intelligent people! LISTEN UP! By Kermit a.k.a Ali and

Ricepants a.k.a Ani.


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