1. PHYSICAL ART –Karate being a specific art, it has a specific blocking, punching, striking, kicking and movements in comparison to other Martial Arts. Therefore Karate has its own standard forms and techniques as an art, whereby proficiency in these techniques are necessary for a black belt degree.
  2. SELF-DEFENSE – Using the prescribed standard forms and techniques of karate in defense tactics to repeal aggression any number of opponents either armed or not.
  3. SPORT OR COMPETITION - Adapting all the forms and techniques of karate within your grasp you should be able to defend yourself in a free style sparring that is in karate in a competitive forms or sports. This competitive karate may be played in two different ways. One may be played in a controlled karate competition and the other is with the use of protective gear or body protector.




  1. Blackbelt through office promotion – a certain person, who propagates the art, may be awarded or granted a blackbelt degree (honorary) or a certain club head who affiliates with a certain karate association or federation may also be given prestige to his position and club. However, it is incumbent upon that association or federation to teach the awardee the necessary knowledge both moral and physical to correspond with his new acquired blackbelt degree.
  2. Blackbelt through field promotion – Everytime there is an official tournament (declared officially by a person in authority in the art such as the President of a big association or federation duly recognized by other association or federation, blackbelt commissioner, the overall champion of every division and category is awarded a blackbelt degree.
  3. Blackbelt thorough examination – A person who passes the examination under three (3) Aspects of Karate, given by a duly authorized examiner or by a person in authority in the Art, usually higher in degree than the one being examined.
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