Enable us to do as our reason directs

  1. Humility a fine virtue which disposes us to appreciate and acknowledge our true position with respect to God and our fellowmen
  2. Chastity a moral virtue which disposes us to be pure in soul and body.
  3. Meekness a moral virtue, which disposes resentment and us to control anger when, offended when rebuked.
  4. Fortitude the spiritual strength to endure suffering and adversity.
  5. Fear of the Lord makes us dread sin as the greatest of all evils and enable us to quell fear of man and human respect.
  6. Obedience disposes us to do the will of our superior, being able to do what is commanded and not only of doing what is commanded.
  7. Patience disposes us to bear with trials and difficulties.
  8. Prudence disposes us to form sight judgements about what we must do or not to do in all circumstances.
  9. Justice disposes us to give everyone what is due to him
  10. Honesty disposes us to tell the truth always however it may hurt.
  11. Charity a moral virtue which finds expression in generosity towards our fellowmen.
  12. Mercy the virtue that compels people to help others not from human or natural motives simply but from Love of God.
  13. Honor disposes us to adhere to principles that we consider right.
  14. Steadfastness disposes us to be firmly loyal and unchanging in whatever decision we make.
  15. Zeal compels us to be enthusiastic and diligently devoted in pursuit of a cause, ideal or goal.
  16. Watchfulness compels to be constantly alert and closely observant of everyone around us.
  17. Trust disposes us to have depth and assurance, to be firmly reliant to the commitment of our colleagues.
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