Basic Ideology - 'Harmony between the Mind and Body'

  Tang Soo Do Principles
Principles for MOO DUK KWAN Members
  Guidance Policy Of Tang Soo Do
  10 Articles Of Faith
5 Requisites Of Mental Training
  11 Points Of Emphasis On Mental Training
  5 Requisites Of Physical Training
  Matters of Special Attention While Training
  10 Points Of Emphasis On Physical Development
  Key concepts in Tang Soo Do
  Principles of Karate
  Characteristics of Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do Principles

          1. Responsibility
          2. Sincerity 
          3. Justice

  Guidance Policy Of Tang Soo Do

        1. Protect the art of Tang Soo Do with justice.
        2. Cultivate character and personality through training and discipline.
        3. Unity through sincerity and courtesy.

10 Articles Of Faith

  1. Be loyal to your country.-- sacrifice yourself for your duty to your country and your people. This is based on the spirit of the Hwa Rang Do.

  2. Be obedient to your parents.-- children should be dutiful to your parents and parents should be charitable to their children .

  3. Be loveable between husband and wife.-- love and affection between the sexes develops mankind's happiness and harmony in life .

  4. Be cooperative between brothers.-- hold together with cooperation and concord.

  5. Be faithful between friends.-- be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith towards

  6. Be respectful to your elders.-- protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty.

  7. Be faithful between teacher and student.-- learn the truth through practice of duty and affection .

  8. Know the difference between good and evil.-- be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness .

  9. Never retreat in battle.-- Sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery.

  10. Always finish what you start.-- Move to action with sureness and hope.

      Principles for MOO DUK KWAN Members

  1. Every member should always see the truth and practice it.

  2. Every member should promote the highest moral. .

  3. Every member should respect and obey his parents, teachers and seniors.

  4. Every member should develop both great confidence and humility and should practice both inside and outside the class.

  5. Every member should love his country and contribute to his community.

  6. Every member should not hesitate to sacrifice himself for justice. .

  7. Every member should do his utmost to develop tang soo do as the most genuine martial arts in the world. .

  8. Every member should do his best to promote intellectually, develop his endurance and be claim and humble in mind. .

  9. Every member should always remember that the ultimate purpose of tang soo do is to promote both physical and mental health. .

  10. Every member should be familiar with scientific and academic aspects of tang soo do.

5 Requisites Of Physical Training

        1. Contact with natural surroundings.
        2.Contact with diverse physical conditions.
        3. Suitable nourishment.
        4. Suitable exercise.
        5. Suitable rest.

10 Points Of Emphasis On Physical Development

        1. Vocal exhalation for thoracic strength. (Ki-up)
        2. Focus of sight.
        3. Continuous balance during movements.
        4. Flexibility of the body.
        5. Correct muscle tone for maximum power.
        6. High and low speed technique.
        7. Exactness of technique.
        8. Adjustment for proper distance.
        9. Proper breathing for endurance.
      10.Conditioning hands and feet.

11 Points Of Emphasis On Mental Training

        1. Reverence for nature.
        2. Physical concentration. (Ki-up)
        3. Courtesy.
        4. Modesty.
        5. Thankfulness.
        6. Self-sacrifice.
        7. Cultivate courage.
        8. Chastity.
        9. Be strong inside and mild outside.
      10. Endurance.
      11. Reading Ability.

Matters Of Special Attention While Training

        1. The purpose of training should be the enhancement of the mental and physical self.
        2. Sincerity is necessary.
        3. Effort is necessary.
        4. Consistent schedule during practice.
        5. Do your best while training.
        6. Train in the spirit of Tang Soo Do.
        7. Regularly spaced practice sessions.
        8. Obey without objecting the word of instructors or seniors; look and learn.
        9. Don't be overly ambitious.
      10. Pay attention to every aspect of your training.
      11. Pay attention to the order of training. 
      12. Get instruction step by step in new forms and technique.
      13. Try to conquer when you feel idleness.
      14. Cleanliness is desired after practice is finished.

5 Requisites Of Mental Training

        1. Oneness with nature
        2. Complete awareness of environment
        3. Experience
        4. Conscience
        5. Culture

Key Concepts in Tang Soo Do

        o Young Gi --- Courage
        o Chung Shin Tong Il --- Concentration
        o In Neh --- Endurance
        o Chung Jik --- Honesty
        o Kyum Son --- Humility
        o Him Cho Chung --- Control of power
        o Shin Chook --- Tension and relaxation
        o Wan Gup --- Speed control

Principles of Karate

        1. To use Karate only as a self defense.
        2. Never use Karate with the intent to kill .
        3. Use Karate only as a last resort.
        4. Use Karate for the defense of a week.
        5. Never abuse your knowledge in karate.
        6. Use karate to repel aggressor but never as a means of aggression.


         1. It is natural and reasonable to practice tang soo do as a martial arts.
         2. It combines with civil and military arts , which are strong and submissive.
         3. It is good practice , for mental and physical well being.
         4. You can practice anywhere, and it is inexpensive.
         5. You can practice as an individual or group.
         6. Anyone can learn with a little effort and faith.
         7. It develops your body and sense of balance.

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