Brief History of Metro Manila Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do

        Metro Manila Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Tang Soo Do started under the tutelage of Kyo Sa Nim Alexander Tropa. It initially began when Master H.C. Hwang and Mr. Alexander Tropa started communicating in the months of November of 1996. While he was still working with the Traders Royal Bank a Tang Soo Do club boomed named Traders Royal Bank Tang Soo Do Club to give recognition to the institution that nurtured to their sports and skills. Among the clubs members at that time were the bank employees and security guards assigned thereat but aside from them other non-employees of the bank were also presence. The first batch of the students who lasted was Polly Dacer, Roderick Dequin, Silverio Capungan, Mario Rogando, Romy Tubungbanua and Roger Gaceta. With the interception of the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Inc, which the GHQ was situated in Davao City, Philippines, to the Traders Royal Bank (TRB) club Kyo Sa Nim Omar Janducayan was assigned to link communications, update lessons and strengthen the relations between GHQ and TRB Club in year 1996 and later, was succeeded by Kyo Sa Nim Noel Namoc, whom played a very important role in the total growth of the club. Soon the club conducted examinations and produces a couple of new belt levels students.

The metro manila group under Kyo Sa Nim’s Alexander Tropa and Noel Namoc represented manila in the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan National Tournament in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. And also enjoined fellow Moo Duk Kwan practitioners in the 1st ever visit and training seminar by Master H.C. Hwang that was held in Davao City, Philippines.

When Alexander Tropa tendered his resignation from the bank, he had to close the gym. Training was temporarily suspended in several months. Fortunately after months of looking for a suitable place for a gym, he meets Mr. Anthony Seloterio, a school director of the House of Angel Montessori in Quezon City. Mr Seloterio who is also a martial art practitioner invited Kyo Sa Nim Alex to conduct training and give lessons of self defense to the school students. It was at this juncture that Mr. Seloterio requested a regular training in the school and reached a decision to formally offer the school as the regional headquarters for the Metro Manila pillar of the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Incorporated. It’s Mr. Seloterio’s kind acts and gracious manner that caused and brought the Metro Manila chapter to relive again in the essence of Martial success.

In lined with the PMDK SBDInc, Corplan 2000 an all out support was given to the Metro Manila region, Kyo Sa Nim Omar Janducayan was assigned as the National Liaison Officer for Metro Manila and Luzon or the Cluster “E” group. The activity was carried out on January 2001. And other blackbelts was called upon within the Luzon regions namely; Kyo Sa Nim’s Noel Namoc, Dennis Arriola, Cornelius Jover and Julius Albite. Other members from the first batch of the TRB club were also called upon for Luzon and metro manila reactivation.

Metro Manila region experienced the first ever Administrative meeting with the presence of the President and CEO Sa Bom Nim Edgardo Bing Grandeza in February 2001 and again for the first time in Metro Manila History a crash updating seminar was held in House of Angel Montessori on the 10th of March 2001. Which was conducted by no other than the President and CEO Sa Bom Nim Edgardo “Bing “ Grandeza, PMDK Chief Instructor Sa Bom Nim Steve Grandeza and Instructor Kyo Sa Nim Bryan Grandeza which was very freshly coming from the 2001 South East Asia World Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Seminar held in Malaysia.

And as of 11th March 2001 the Metro Manila pillar of the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Inc is continuously growing and making history….

“Soo Bahk!!!”



Reference Persons;


Kyo Sa Nim Alexander Tropa  

3rd Dan Blackbelt/Regional Head

Metro Manila, Philippines


Kyo Sa Nim Noel Namoc

2nd Dan Blackbelt/Regional Adviser

Metro Manila, Philippines


Kyo Sa Nim Omar Janducayan              Dan Bon: 033645

1st Dan Blackbelt/National Liaison Officer

Metro Manila Philippines

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