History of judo


During the olden days of Imperial Japan, when the utility of guns yet unknown, people used samurai swords and other sharp instruments for their offensive and defensive repertoires. And then came the art of Jujitsu which become so popular that it was taught in all schools.

As all arts of self defense flourished, another phase of the history of Japan changed and all cultures and institutions of the old collapsed with the downfall of Tokugawas Shogonate among them the art of Jujitsu. But in this tight circumstances came a hero, Jigoro Kano, a student of Tokyo imperial university, who gathered all the resources within his grasped, he simplified them, he corrected them, he polished them, to save the dying art of jujitsu. He named this new art Judo which is dub gentle way.

Thus in 1882 Kodokan Institute, the worlds authority in Judo was born.

How does one become a blackbelt in Karate

(Tang Soo Do / Soo Bahk Do)



  1. Time-in: a person desiring to be examined in blackbelt degree, must at least have trained in the Art for no less than one and half year.
  2. Moral and mental hygiene: a certain person must first attain or reach a high level of integrity, and must be able to impart the same to his fellow men or future followers.


Essential of self control against any sudden emotional violence

  1. reason an explanation of an act; idea; a cause or notations; ability to think
  2. avoid -- to keep away from
  3. plead to make an appeal
  4. retreat withdrawal
  5. indirect intimidation treats
  6. use reasonable force able to use force with reasons ; reasonable : act to reason, just, fair, wise sensible
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