To instruct SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN in the MOO DO way in tended by our founder, KWAN JANG NIM HWANG KEE, is a very rewarding experience to all who are active in teaching Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.


Although there are many qualifications that a Kyo Sa Nim / SA BOM NIM must develop and possess in the SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN, there are four very important attributes that one must remember. These are your ability to understand and perform aspects of being: 1) an instructor 2) a teacher 3) a preacher 4) a practitioner.


1.)    Being an instructor: ability to develop an atmosphere of a MOO DO class. Examples of this are: establish and maintain proper lines, hold the attention of students, good voice projection and conducting with strong Ku Ryung and KI HAP. Also the key is the ability to maintain a high level in class and a good presentation of both your physical and vocal discipline.


2.)    Being a Teacher: Good knowledge of techniques, philosophy, history and tradition of SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN. Possession of various teaching methods and techniques to effectively convey your teaching to students. Ability to be aware of whether or not the students are receiving the energy of the teaching.


3.)    Being a Preacher: Ability to teach the MOO DUK KWAN philosophy, so that students are able to enjoy and value their life better by applying the SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN training.


4.)    Being a Practitioner: NO matter how high the rank you may achieve, you must still be a student of the SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN with a Kyum Son Attitude. You must practice what you are teaching. Remembering that we are all always students of MOO DUK KWAN.



Enjoy the MOO DUK KWAN Discipline


H.C. Hwang


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