History of Karate

(Japanese version)


       Although we know that Karate (Kara-empty, Te-hand) is a Japanese Art of self-defense, If we were to trace its origin, we will find out that this art is descendant of the Chinese art of Kempo. Since Okinawa was in constant contact with both China and Japan, this art of self-defense was imported along with many other cultures of china. Okinawa took great interest in the art that they combined it with their native form of hand to hand fighting to produce Okinawa-Te (Okinawa-hand). When the famous King Hashi of Okinawa of the Sho Dynasty succeeded in uniting Ryu Kyu Island into one kingdom, in which Okinawa is a part, he banned all weapons to ensure his rule and to discourage any by his successors for another two hundred (200) years. As a result, this empty handed art of self-defense called Okinawa-Te underwent a tremendous development.


      In 1869, a boy was born in shuri Okinawa who, at the age of 11, began studying this art under two top masters of the art. In time, he became an expert in his own right and was credited as the man who introduced Karate to Japan. This man was Funakoshi Gichin, the founder of the present day KARATE.  


      However, there was a true champion in Okinawa whose every name chills all Martial arts practitioners. This man was Chuko Mabuto, who proclaimed himself to be 11th degree blackbelt and the greatest fighter in this planet. He stands 7 feet 4 inches, a very strong man and was indeed undefeated in the whole island of Okinawa. He was a man who vows to no one nor has he the patience to wait. Due to his mountainous and huge built, he mastered only the Nai Han Chin forms, which is suited for heavy and slow moving people. He mastered it in such a way that it became a part of him. This was the very reason why Nai Han Chin forms became so famous that practically all-authentic karate schools in the world now universally adapt it.


      Chuko Mabuto was noted to be ruthless, cruel and shows no mercy in the field of combat. He has very peculiar characteristics. He takes no order from any man. He was a peasant and an illiterate man. He was not chosen by the Okinawan Government to introduce Okinawa-Te to Japan because of his personal background and temper. The elders and the Government Officials feared that the Japanese will surely shoot him if he were sent to Japan. As a matter of fact Chuko Mabuto died a crazy man.


      Funakoshi Gichin was chosen by the government officials to go to Japan because he way very educated man and schoolmaster.

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