1. Prescribe application forms duly accomplished which will be submitted to the membership committee together with the following requirements; -
    • parents consent (in case of minor) -
    • police clearance -
    • medical certificate -
    • three (3) 1x1 photos
  2. Any applicant for membership must have good moral character and are not involved in any morale turpitude, never been connected and without pending cases;
  3. Any applicant for membership will pass thru a "screening procedure" set-up any the active members as prescribed by the membership committee. Inactive members may not participate in such procedures;
  4. The membership committee shall determine the acceptability of an applicant. the applicant has the right to be notified before the final screening if/she can be accommodated;
  5. Admission of a prospective member shall be recommended by the chair of the committee concerned to the executive council that will issue an official certificate of membership and I.D. card.


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