A few years ago I started making model WW1 aircraft out of cardboard and other materials. I've built 13 so far and Im working on another. They are cheap to make, but also quite difficult. I painted them with oil paints and this also makes them cheaper than plastic models.

To view the models individually click on them below

Albatross_D.Va Moraine_Bullet
Fokker_D.VII Niewport_17
Fokker_Dr.1 R.E.8b
Fokker_Eindecker S.E.5a
Gotha_G.IV Sopwith_Camel
Pfalz_D.XVII Sopwith_Pup


gaz and darrens maxed motors

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Simonstown Angling Park, An amenity for fly fishing in County Westmeath, Ireland

honda 50 go kart

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