The "Frog Hollow Hacker" story included on the following pages is unfortunately incomplete.  The records for the 1948 through 1954 seasons were lost.  Also, during subsequent, years, records were sometimes incomplete.

    It is requested that anyone who can provide missing information, contact Bill McKeen Sr.  Some degree of substantiation should be provided.

    We do want to provide a more complete history by the end of the 1984 season.

    Please help!


Bill McKeen



April 1984

The Frog Hollow Hacker Story

    Few golf leagues can count over one-half million swings at the ball, but the Nedrow Golf League, better known as the "Frog Hollow Hackers" can make such a claim.

    Lack of talent is not the only contributor to this infamous distinction, for 1984 marks the thirty-seventh year of play for the League and two active charter members, Carl Greisel and Len Soule.  Current members dating back approximately thirty years include Frank Albino Sr., Louie Demers, Jim Brown and Bill McKeen Sr.

    Play has always been on Thursday evenings, always ending by early Friday morning, and all play has been at Westvale.  It is quite doubtful that the league would have survived this long had it not been for many assist from the late Bucky Hewitt, a true friend and a great loss to us all.

    Just a few words about how it all started.  Frog Hollow is located within the village of Nedrow, just a chip shot northeast of the intersection of Kenneth and Smith Avenues.  Although to this day they will not admit to it, the pre-war Nedrow baseball and hockey super stars, including Greisel and Soule, had simply lost their touch after "WW-2".  They needed a new challenge!  A few hickory shafted irons, some Grody 555's & Noby's came out of the woodsheds and the first blows were struck at Frog Hollow.  A task force discussed the possibilities with Bucky and in 1948 the "Frog Hollow Hackers" were organized and teed off at Westvale.  Charter members included Len Soule, Carl Greisel, Bill Heffernan, Marty Sitterlee, Bob Murray, Jim Egan, Jim Johnson, Jake McCarthy, Mike Reilly, Roy LaRock, Ken Shearer, Bill Kimber, Karlton Stone, Harold Daniels, Bing Boutiler, and Bill Glaister Sr.

    Of the hundreds of "Hackers" that have participated in the League, perhaps the most successful "true" golfer has been Tom Doherty, and ex-Nedrow boy, currently a golf professional at his own course in the Chester, Virginia area.

    The best nine hole score, a gross 30 is shared by Mike Reilly (1955), Ron Barber (1960), and Bob Gilbo (1969).  The modern day low scorer is John Sexton with a "31" posted on the 14th of August 1980.  The highest score ever belongs to Gene Baum.  Best we forget that total.

    With the improved performance of most of the current membership, and the "hot" ball, the Frog Hollow Hacker's statistician predicts that the one millionth stroke will not be forthcoming until around the turn of the century.  We'll keep you advised!

    Historical data is included on the following pages.


Charter Members - Frog Hollow Hackers

1984 Active Charter Members

Carl Greisel
Leon Soule

Other Charter Members

Bill Heffernan
Marty Sitterlee
Bob Murray
Jim Eagan
Jim Johnson
Jake McCarthy
Mike Reilly
Roy LaRock
Ken Shearer
Bill Kimber
Karlton Stone
Harold Daniels
Bing Boutiler
Bill Glaister
Chuck Revers


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