Nedim Kemer CAD Work Samples
Self Portrait On Site CSU Monterey Bay Campus Renovation Project
Construction Drawings for Planting, Layout and Irrigation
BEFORE PHOTOS, Specs-SV Drive Scotts Valley Drive Median Landscaping Project
Planting , Irrigation , Construction and Details
BEFORE PHOTOS, Seagate Campus Seagate Campus Landscape Renovation Projects
Demolition, Layout , Grading , Custom Details and Standard Details
Existing Condition around the Tree Seagate Campus Landscape Renovation Projects
A Deck and Entrance Construction around an Existing Heritage Walnut Tree.
Demolition, Layout, Grading , Cover Sheet, 3D and Details
3d Imaging in AutoCAD-2000 A Resident in Santa Cruz
Permanent entertainment facilities, shade structures, seat walls, paved surfaces with drainage and planting beds utilized around the existing house and office building.
Layout, Grading, 3D and Details

Some CAD files are Xrefed please download them in their groups as they were zipped.
All the CAD drawings were generated in AutoCAD - 2000.

Landscape Architecture Model Building Rendering Resume

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