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Taken from the "Ned Kelly" DVD released in Australia on 20th August, 2003.

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Australia 1871.

Ned (voice over): I was the hero of Hughes Creek. I can see the glint in my da's eye as he looked down at me, his hand on my shoulder. And what did he call me that day? Ah... What did da call me? That's right, he called me sunshine.

(Ned wakes up, and sees a grazing horse. He walks over to it quietly).

Ned: You're a pretty girl. You're Wild Wright's horse, aren't ya? I know whose ya are. It all right. I'll look after ya.

(Ned rides back into the main street of the town of Greta).

Old Man on verandah: Handsome looking horse you got there, Ned. You're cuttin a flash, all right.

(Ned sees a policeman up ahead).

Ned: Ah, great.

Constable Hall: You're Ned Kelly, aren't ya? Red Kelly's boy?

Ned: Get down Jane.

(Girl gets off horse).

Hall: Fine animal you got there. Distinctive, wouldn't you say?

Ned: She's Wild Wright's.

Hall: That's the postmaster's mare.

Ned: No, it isn't. It's Wild Wright's. He lost her when she bolted into the bushes.

Hall: You're a liar, Kelly.

Ned: No, I'm not. I found her this morning, grazing.

Hall: She's been reported stolen.

Ned: Stolen, my arse!

Hall: A horse thief! It's not your horse!

Ned: Get your hands off me!

(Ned is pulled down from the horse).

Hall: You're under arrest!

(Horse runs away, Ned jogs after it to no avail).

Hall: Stand, Kelly, or I swear to God, I'll shoot you down.

Ned: I was only going after the horse.

Hall: You were trying to escape, you blaggard. You're just as thick as your bloody father.

(Hall shoots)

Ned: Jesus Christ! Now, what are you trying to do? I could've tanned your hide for that.

Hall: Strike an officer, and you'll bloody swing for it!

Ned: Strike you down to the ground!

(Pushes Constable Hall down to the ground)

Ned: No blows struck yet, Constable Hall!

Hall: Help me someone!

Ned: Help him! Help Constable Hall! Poor Constable Hall! He's such a fuckin rat'!

Hall: He's trying to kill me, the rascally blaggard! Help me someone!

(Other police officers run up to grab Ned)

Ned: Stand put! Go on! Put me down! He tried to shoot me for Christ's sake! All right! All right!

(Hall hits Ned with gun butt)

Ned: Is that the best you can do, you bloody coward?

(Hall hits Ned again)

Ned: Go on. I can take it.

Officer: That's enough.

Ned is released from prison.

Aaron Sherrit: Hello there! Please can you help me? Hello! Hello there! Please! Please slow it down, please! Come on! Come on! Please! Please now! Oh come on! Give us a ride, you bastards!

(Coach rides past Ned, Joe Byrne and Aaron Sherrit)

Aaron: Christ, its muddy enough to bog a dog! 

Joe Byrne: So, where'd you go after Beechworth? 

Ned: May Day Hills on a road gang.

Aaron: Ah, you see Sean Gallagher? I heard he was up there.

Ned: Yeah, I saw him for a while.

(Coach comes up behind them).

Aaron: Hey. I think that's old man Wicks and... Whats his daughter called?

Joe: Sarah.

Aaron: Sarah. That's right. She's a picture, lads. Oh, we could be in luck, boys. Mr Wicks, good mornin'. Mr Wicks, I don't know if you remember me. I'm Aaron Sherrit, Mr Wicks. If you could just hold up for one moment-

Joe: If anyone can persuade an old man to share his daughter with three larrikins like us, it'll be Aaron.

Ned: So, how's me ma? What?

Joe: Ah, the coppers have been giving her a hard time, Ned. Something goes missing, a bullock or anything, they come round in the middle of the night, tearing the place apart, scaring the kiddies and all, you know. She's had it hard.

Aaron: Come on, lads! Jump up!

Ned: Well, will you look at that.

Joe: What did I tell ya?

Ned: Thank you very much, sir.

Joe: Thanks a lot, Mr Wicks.

Aaron: Thank you, Mr Wicks.


Ned arrives home. Steve Hart and Dan Kelly are playing football outside the house.

Steve Hart: Dan!

Grace Kelly: Ma, there's someone coming.

Ma: Oh God, its Ned. Neddy!


Eating dinner.

Grace: Mommy, I named Hobson's kookaburra.

Ma: What did you name him, darlin'?

Grace: Beefy, cause he likes beef.

Ma: Well, that's a fine name for a kookaburra, Grace.

(Ned is nursing a small baby).

Ned: Who's the proud father, Ma?

Ma: Don't even ask. He's long gone now. That's all there is to it.

Dan: The stinkin' Proddy.

Ma: He was a Yank. George the baker. We were married Ned, right and proper.

Ned: Well that's grand, Ma.

(Dan throws the ball at the table, knocking dishes.)

Ma: Christ! Will you stop messin'? I'm sick of the pair of ya.

Ned: Give your mother some respect, or I'll give ya a hidin', both of youse, ya hear me? And who are you anyways?

Steve: Steve Hart.

Ned: Well, seein' how the two of you are so full of beans, you can both get off your arses and help me fix up this place. You haven't done a minutes work to help your Ma, have you?

Ma: Come on, everyone. Sit down, now.

Steve: What kind of stew is it?

Grace: Wombat. A wombat's a marsupial, and it lives in a hole.

Ma: I know darlin'. I put one in the stew. (To baby) Shhh. Da-da-da. La-la-la. Ned, would you like to say the grace?

Ned: All right. Dear Lord, thank you for looking after me mother, me sister Grace, me sister Kate and me brother Dan. Thank you, Lord, for our beautiful baby Ellen..

Ma: Shh, shh, shh.

Ned: .. and for this wonderful stew made out of wombat.

Ma: Amen.

All: Amen.


Ned is at logging plant, horse ranch then amateur fight.

Ned (voiceover): It's not easy for an Irishman in Queen Victoria's colony to walk the straight and narrow but I toed the line despite all temptations. With me fighting with my fists for money. And after all I did three years for that stolen horse. Wild Wright only got 18 months. You think I was going to let that one slide?

(Knocks out Wild Wright)

Man: I declare Ned the winner!

Aaron: Bets are in.

Wild Wright: So, are we square?

Ned: Course we are, you mad bugger. Come here!

Wild Wright: Thank Christ for that.

Ned (voiceover): Could it be possible that the Kelly's were finally getting ahead? That I could actually better myself?


At horse ranch. Julia Cook is tending to a horse. Ned walks by.

Julia: Steady. Excuse me? You there? Would you mind coming and holding my horses thing?

Ned: All right?

Julia: Steady.

Ned: Now, what thing are you talking about ma'am?

Julia: Are you going to help me or not? I've been riding him pretty hard the last two days. Poor things been holding on since Saturday. His bladder is paralyzed with the colic.

Ned: Good God.

Julia: Have you got that?

Ned: Right there. Good. Good. 

Julia: Just hold it there.

Ned: Keep still. I'm glad that's not me, Christ. Steady.

Julia: Whoa, boy. Whoa, boy. Okay. All right. Watch your boots, boys! Whoo!

Ned: It looks like you've done this kind of thing before.

Julia: Only on horses.

Ned: Thank God for that. My name's Ned Kelly. Pleased to meet ya.

Julia: Hello, Ned.

Ned: Right.


Later at horse ranch.

Man: Watch out, lads. Here he goes again! Clear the way!

Richard: The horse is too wild. It can't be broken. A waste of damn money. Fetch my rifle, please.

Julia: What? You can't shoot a horse just because its wild.

Richard: What else can we do? We can't keep it here.

Julia: Why don't you set it free then?

Ned: I could break that horse for you if you like. I've broken horses before. You can ask around. I'd like to give it a try, at least.

Richard: We know there's not much point. The horse is bad.

(Richard shoots the horse, saddening Julia and Ned).




Chinaman: Joe Byrne! Joe Byrne! (Chinese) You know, the Chinese say you should have only one true love otherwise you are no better than a mangy dog or a loose woman. 

Joe: (Chinese) Good thing I'm not Chinese!

Girl: What did he say?

Joe: He said what a lucky fellow I am to be with such a beauty as you.

Aaron: Too lucky, if you ask me.

(Kate Kelly, Dan and Steve are talking at a table. Constable Fitzpatrick spies on them, as Kate come to the bar).

Fitzpatrick: Oh, hello, Kate. I didn't see you there.

Kate Kelly: Fancy seeing you here.

Fitzpatrick: I'm just having a swift pint after work. It's not like I'm a regular or anything. A man needs to relax after a hard day's work.

Kate: What would you know about a hard day's work? Sleepin' and drinkin' and beatin' up yellow fellows is all you ever seem to do.

Fitzpatrick: Ah that's not fair now. Only doing me job. I get along with everybody. Everybody gets along with me.

(Ned rides up to the pub)

Fitzptrick: Can I buy you a drink Kate?

Kate: No, thank you. I have money.

Fitzpatrick: I just wanna buy you a drink.

Kate: I said I don't want one. You're starting to get on me nerves now.

Fitzpatrick: Think you're too good for me? Is that it? Who do you think you are?

Kate: Let go of me bloody arm. You're hurtin me.

(Ned walks up to the bar).

Ned: Let go of her arm, you.

Fitzpatrick: I'm just being friendly, Ned. Just offering the young lady a drink.

Ned: Well, she doesn't want one from the likes of you.

Constable Lonigan: A problem there, Fitzpatrick?

Kate: No, there's no problem here, Constable.

Fitzpatrick: I'm sorry if I upset you Kate.

(Aaron runs up to cool the tension).

Aaron: Right. This one's a request from Ned Kelly. Right. Follow me, lads. One, two.

Lonigan: The nerve of the bloody knacker. Look at him. Acts as if he owns the place.

Ned: Dan, come here and dance with your sister! Come on!

Fitzpatrick: That fella needs taking down a peg or two, that's for sure.


Dan enters Kelly Household.

Dan: Ned, the horses are gone.

Ned: What?


Police Station. The police have stolen Kelly horses.

Ned: The biggest thieves and liars the sun ever shone on. The Victorian police. Well, I'm telling you something now, boys. I'm not going to let these bloody maggots put one over on me.


Ned, Aaron, Dan, Joe steal the horses while Steve holds lookout for the police. Then they try to sell them again.

Ned (voiceover): To change a horses brand is easy, easier than you'd think.You just pluck the little hairs and prick the skin with iodine. A "C" or an "O" can become a "Q". "Q" for Quinn, me mother's maiden name.


Kelly household. Dog starts barking.

Ma: Who's that at this hour of the night?

(Fitzpatrick is outside).

Fitzpatrick: Dan, is Kate in?

Dan: Yeah, she is.

Fitzpatrick: Well, would you mind telling her I'd like a word, please? In private, like.

Dan: No, I won't. She wants nothing to do with you. You know that full well.

Fitzpatrick: Well, I'd like to hear that from her, if you don't mind.

Joe: Fitzpatrick, you've already heard that from her many's the time. Will you do yourself a favour. Take a ride home.

Fitzpatrick: You think you're so smart, Byrne.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fitzpatrick: I've a warrant for you.

Dan: You've no warrant, you fool.

Fitzpatrick: It was you Kelly's that stole them horses. I know it was, and I have a warrant for you. Ned and all. I've warrants for both of ya.

Joe: I don't suppose I could see them warrants, could I?

(Fitzpatrick pulls out a gun). 

Fitzpatrick: There's your warrants. Hmmm? There's your warrants.


At the horse ranch.

Julia: Oh, hello. I just came down to find my riding jacket. I thought I left it here somewhere.

Ned: I haven't seen it.

Julia: I was sure it was here.

Ned: If I find it, I'll be sure to bring it up to the house for ya.

Julia: All right then.

Ned: Right.

(Julia turns to leave.)

Ned: You're from England.

Julia: Yes. Surrey actually. You're Irish?

Ned: Yeah, me da was from Tipperary, but I was born here. Never been to Ireland.

Julia. I came over when I was seventeen. Richard acquired the land through his family.

Ned: My da had to go to all the trouble of stealing a sheep to get the trip over here.

Julia: He got a free fare then. He was lucky.

Ned: Yeah.


Kelly household.

Fitzpatrick: How are you tonight?

Kate: Fine. Till you showed up.

Fitzpatrick: Drink, boys? Steve?

Steve: Don't drink with coppers.

Fitzpatrick: There's no need for that.

Horse ranch.

Ned: So I'm leaving here tomorrow. The work here for me is finished now.

Julia: Yes. I know.

Ned: So I won't be seeing you anymore.

(Julia turns to leave).

Ned: You sure you don't want to have a better look for that riding jacket of yours.

Julia: No. I must have left it in the house somewhere. Well, it was nice to have met you.

They shake hands. 

Julia: I really should go.

Ned: I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.


Kelly household.

Ma: You don't have any warrants at all, do ya?

Fitzpatrick: Oh I do, Mrs Kelly. I do.

Kate: I don't believe this. You just plain thick or what?

Fitzpatrick: Come on, Kate. I'm just having a bit of fun, you know.

(Dan hits Fitzpatrick, and pulls a gun).

Dan: Now, lets see those bloody warrants.


Horse ranch.

Ned and Julia begin to get close and kiss.


Outside Kelly household.

Fitzpatrick: I've split me head open. You bastards!

Joe: It's your hand, you bloody idiot.

Dan: Hey Fitzpatrick. Bottom rung on top now, huh?

Steve: Shoot him.

Joe: Don't Dan.

Ma: Give him back his bloody gun.

(Dan shoots all bullets into the ground, and throws the gun away.)

Dan: Go on! Get!

Fitzpatrick: I'll be back for ya, ya bastards! 

(Fitzpatrick leaves).


Horse ranch.

Ned and Julia finish up and start to get dressed.

Kelly household

Kate: Can you believe the brass neck on that idiot!

Dan: Trying to be all friendly with the grog.

Steve: He soon sobered up when you pointed the gun at him. You see his face?

Ma: I'm glad you think this is all very funny.

Ned comes into the house.

Joe: Where have you been?

Ned: Never mind where I have been. What's happened?

Steve: Fitzpatrick couldn't hold his brandy and lemonade.

Ned: What are you talking about?

Dan: We had a fight with Fitzpatrick.

Ned: A fight? Why?

Dan: He said he warrants for me and you.

Ned: What warrants?

Dan: Horse stealing. But there was a load of shite in it.

Ma: Whether it was or it wasn't, its trouble now either way.

Kate: Ayash ma, you can't take that fella seriously.

Ma: How can you stand there and act like is all one big joke. After all the trouble we've had with coppers in this family.

Joe stands up.

Ned: What are you thinking Joe?

Joe: I'm thinking you and Dan clear out of here for a day or two. Just to be safe. God willing it will all blow over.


The police station.

Fitzpatrick rides up to the station, meeting Lonigan outside.

Lonigan: What the hell happened to you?

Fitzpatrick: Ned Kelly shot me.

Lonigan: He what?


Kelly household.

Police come in and are arresting Ma.

Ma: Take your rotten hands off me, you bastard!

Kate: Get off her!

Lonigan: You're under arrest! I'm taking you to the cells!

Ma: You're filthy, you mean bastards.


Chinese gold mining camp.

Kate is riding with Aaron to find Ned, Joe and Dan.

Kate: Ned! Ned! Ned! Jesus! Ned, they've arrested Ma.

Ned: They what?

Kate: Yeh, they've taken her to the cells, charged her with attempted murder.

Ned: Attempted murder?

Aaron: And Fitzpatrick is saying you took a shot at him.

Ned: I wasn't even there!

Aaron: We know that, but its your word against his.

Ned: Take the word of a drunken liar and arrest an innocent woman! Is that right? I won't take this injustice? I swear I'll kill him. I'll scatter his blood and brains like rain!

Dan: Ned! No! Ned!

Ned: Stand aside!

Dan: Don't make this worse for Ma!

Kate: Stop it Ned!


Horse ranch.

Ned rides up to see Julia on the lawn with her children and the maid.

Julia: Take the children inside please.

Maid takes the children away.

Julia: What are you doing here?

Ned: They've arrested me Ma.

Julia: What for?

Ned: A copper says I tried to kill him.

Julia: Why?

Ned: Because he's a bastard liar like all coppers, that's why. The thing is, I wasn't even there. I was here with you. You could tell the truth. Show the swine up for the drunken liar he is. And then they'd have to release me Ma.

Julia: That's impossible. I couldn't. Do you realise what that would mean?

Ned: Yes.

Julia: I can't. I'd be disgraced. He'd take away my children, and-

Ned: It's all right. I understand.

Julia: Ned.

Ned: (to horse) Come here. Come here!

Ned climbs onto horse.

Ned: Right.


Melbourne Gaol.

Mrs Kelly is locked away in a cell.


Stringybark Creek

Ned and Joe practice shooting at a tree, with a drawn police officers face on it. They have grown beards.

Police are in the bush, getting ready to hunt the gang.

Ned: (voiceover) I made them an offer at the outset. Charge me and let me mother go. The answer came back; we don't bargain with outlaws. We'll catch you anyway.

Police officer shoots a bird. Dan and Ned hear it, then Joe and Steve hear it, and are alarmed.


Police camp.

Ned and Dan are looking at the police set up camp.

Ned: You see those stretchers? You know what they're for? The bastards aren't planning on taking prisoners, that's for sure.

Joe walks up behind them.

Joe: There's another party down past the neck at Bullock Creek. Four of them. They've hemmed us in on either side, whether they know it or not.

Ned: We'll come back at dawn, hold up these two, take their gun and horses. At least then we'll have a chance at making a run for it. Right.


Police camp.

In the morning, the gang creep up to the camp. On Ned's signal, they charge at the police officers.

Ned: Drop your arms!

Lonigan gets up and takes a shot at Ned. Ned fires back and kills Lonigan instantly.

Ned and Dan turn over the body.

Dan: Christ, its Lonigan Ned. You've killed Lonigan.

McIntyre, the remaining officer is making toast.

McIntyre: Do you want marmalade, Ned?

Ned doesn't answer.

McIntyre: Look, are you going to kill me or what?

Ned still doesn't answer.

McIntyre: I'll leave the force, first thing in the morning, I swear on my mother's life Ned!

Dan: Ned!

The other officers return.

McIntyre: Oh, Jesus Christ.

Ned: Do as I said and no one will get shot.

McIntyre: Sergeants, you better surrender. You're surrounded.

Kennedy: You been into the whisky again, you old sook.

Scanlon: Get some toast on there, Lonigan.

Ned: Lonigan's gone and you two will be next if you get off those dam horses.

Gunfire ensues. Scanlon is shot from his horse. McIntyre gets away on a horse. Kennedy tries to run away but Ned chases him.

Ned: Oh Christ!

Kennedy fires at Ned and misses. Ned fires and clips Kennedy.

Ned: Give it up man, its over!

They both keep running.

Ned: Will you stop running? I won't shoot you! I swear!

Kennedy shoots at Ned again, and Ned returns a fatal shot. Kennedy collapses in a clearing.

Ned: Now why didn't you surrender? I wouldn't have shot you!

Kennedy: I can't breathe! (coughs) I can't breathe!

Ned: Right, right, right. Listen, it's ok!

Kennedy continues to cough and splutter.

Kennedy: I can't breathe!

Ned starts to unbutton Kennedy's shirt.

Ned: One minute! One minute! One minute! It's all right! It's all right!

Kennedy: Oh!

Ned: Why did you have to run? I wouldn't have shot ya? Goddamn! Look. No.

Kennedy: I don't wanna die like this.

Ned: No. No. I'm sorry I shot you.

Kennedy: I don't wanna-- I got a wife and two children. What are they gonna do without me? What are they gonna do? No.

Ned: Look at me. Look at me! God forgive me!

Ned shoots Kennedy through the heart to put him out of his misery.

Ned: God forgive me.

Ned (voiceover): I don't know why I took his watch. It was something to do with him not needing it. Later I thought about sending it to his family. But by then, the papers had me down as some sort of monster. So I thought, "No point now, I'm damned anyway".


Melbourne Gaol.

Kate has come to visit Ma in her cell. They hug.

Ma: Is it true what they have been saying about the three coppers?

Kate: Yeh, its true.

Ma: Oh, god.

Kate: It was a fair fight, Ma. Better them than Ned.

Ma: They'll kill him now. They'll kill him for sure.


Aaron Sherritt's hut.

Joe comes up to the hut, followed by the gang.

Aaron: Don't shoot, lad. I'm unarmed. Come on. Put that away. There aren't any troopers. Ah!

Joe and Aaron hug.

Joe: You're bloody chirpy for this hour of the morning.

Aaron: Gotta keep your voice down. I have a visitor.

Joe: Who?

Aaron: Mary Hegarty.

Joe: Mary Hegarty?

Aaron: Mm.

Joe: Jesus. She can be only 13.

Aaron: Ah, I'm not superstitious. Well, well, well, well, well. I've never met a man whose life is worth 2000 pounds before, especially not Irishmen.

Dan: Its 6000 pounds?

Steve: Is that what its up to? Sir, my cock alone is worth more than that.

Aaron: I could do with the money meself. I'd build a shed out the back, buy a few horses, in fact, I could half of Beechworth will all that.

Steve: That's very funny Aaron.

Ned: Joe, what's it say here?

Joe reads.

Joe: They've recalled parliament. Passed something called the Felons Apprehension Act. It means we are listed as outlaws. We can be shot on site by anyone who chooses.

Aaron drives an axe into the ground.


Ned (voiceover): They said I had lost what it meant to be human. Maybe never had it in the first place. But wasn't this about protecting the ones I loved? The ones who gave me food, shelter, even the clothes on my back. And therefore wasn't it now war?


Township of Euroa.

The gang are riding down the main street and plan to rob a bank.

Ned: Dan, see that wooden gate? Round the back there is their living quarters. If anyone is there, you keep them there.

Ned and Joe walk into an empty bank building. Ned rings the bell on the desk to bring out the bank manager.

Mr Scott: Can I help you?

Ned: Yes, you can. My name is Edward Kelly.

Joe: His mates call him Ned.

Mr Scott: Ned Kelly? I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere bef-

Ned and Joe pull out their revolvers and point them at the manager.

Ned: I'm sure you have, sir.

Dan and Steve enter the household at the back of the bank.

Dan: Stay where you are.

Mrs Scott: What do you think you are doing? Who are you?

Dan: You going to a funeral, are you? Well, better do as I say, or it'll be your own.

Steve: Fanny Shaw, what are you doing here?

Fanny: I work here.

Steve: I can't believe it.

Fanny: What are you doing here, Steve?

Steve: Robbing a bank.

Ned and Joe come into the room with Mr Scott. Ned throws Steve the bag of money.

Ned: Steve! Hello kiddies.

Mrs Scott: You're Ned Kelly?

Ned: That's right.

Mrs Scott: What are you going to do with us?

Ned: Well, you're coming with us to Faithfull's Creek. We can't leave anyone behind to raise the alarm now, can we?

Mrs Scott: Mr Kelly, we are supposed to be attending a funeral today. As you can see, I am dressed in mourning wear.

Ned is puzzled.

Mrs Scott: Obviously unsuitable for a woman travelling through the countryside, hostage or nor. Even a blackguard like yourself-

Mr Scott: Susan! I do apologise for my wife's behaviour.

Mrs Scott: There is no need to apologise on my account, Charles. The man is wearing a magenta cravat, for God's sake. I have an outfit just arrived from Melbourne. L'eau de Nil silk.

Ned: Well, you'd better go and put it on then. Go on. Joe, you should follow her. Make sure she doesn't signal from the windows with her bloomers or something.

Joe follows Mrs Scott to her room.

Mrs Scott: How dare you!

Joe: Sure. I'm doing no harm.

Picks up a skull from her table.

Joe: What are these? These skulls?

Mrs Scott: I collect them.

Joe plays with the jaw of the skull.

Joe: Hello!

Mrs Scott: So you're Joe Byrne. The papers say you have the facial features of a creature born to crime.

Joe: I'm the handsome one in the bunch.

Mrs Scott: They also said you married a Spanish housemaid in Diniliquin with the exotic name of Madela.

Joe: We were just good friends.

Mrs Scott: Oh, I'm sure you have a lot of good friends.

She sits down. He follows.

Joe: Surely there's no harm in being friendly.

Mrs Scott: No, I don't suppose there is. Oh, you're a beast. An absolute beast.

They start to kiss.


The living room of the house.

Mr Scott: She's taking an awfully long time.

Steve and Fanny are talking.

Steve: He just fell off the other side into a puddle.

Fanny: You'll never guess who I ran into last week.

Steve: Who?

Fanny: Danny O' Reilly. He's working on the new rail line to Wangaratta. He's got a wife and three kids.

Steve: Sure. That's grand. I haven't seen him in at least three years. That's like one kid every year.

Dan: Hey Ned, look at this. Mortgages. One of em's for Old Man Wicks place. I recognised a couple of the others too.

Mr Scott: They are of no use to you. They are the only records I have of the bank's debtors. Can I have them back please.

Dan and Ned: No.

Ned and Dan burn the mortgages.


Ned (voiceover): So I killed their policemen and I robbed their banks, but burning their mortgages, well, that was destroying crown property. It was like slapping Queen Victoria herself across the face. So they send in Hare, Superintendent Francis Hare, late of Cape Town, South Africa. And wasn't this the challenge of your whole life Superintendent? A feather in your cap. You can't catch me. You don't have a hope of catching me. So you take my friends instead. Over a hundred men arrested. Stuck in stinkin' cells without trial while their crops perish in the fields. And guess what? Not one of 'em caves in and tries to claim the reward. Not one of 'em. They loved me just the same and hated you all the more, didn't they? Did you really think I was gonna let 'em all rot?

Ned and Joe meet up with Wild Wright and hand over some of the robbery money.

Ned: Two and a half thousand pounds. There's enough to pay rent and leaseholds for the lads left in jail. Thomas, you can take what you need for your mother to pay off her debt to McTeague.

Thomas: Thanks Ned.

Ned: And there is some for McKinleys and Bill Skillings, he can take what he needs for his da. Have you heard anything about me Ma?

Wild Wright: They set a trial at the end of last month. She has been given three years hard labour. I'm sorry Ned.


Jerilderie Bank.

Ned and Joe are packing bags full of money. Steve takes a watch from an old man.

Old Man: I say, give me that back. That blackguard just stole my watch.

Steve: They say the Lord helps those who help themselves.

Ned: Give him back his watch.

Steve: What?

Ned: You heard what I said. I said give him back his damn watch.

Steve: Have you gone simple all of a sudden. We're robbing a bank.

Ned: Listen here, kid. This is the last time I tell you. Give him back his damn watch.

Steve gives the watch back.

Old Man: You're not innocent men. You're a bunch of common criminals.

Ned: Now did you hear that? If we act like common thieves, that's just what they'll call us.

Ned jumps the counter and talks to all the captive people.

Ned: My mother is rotting away in a prison cell. Because of the lies of a policeman named Fitzpatrick. She's an innocent woman, and so are these boys here. My Irish brethren have been imprisoned unlawfully and blacklisted from their selections. How do you expect me to behave other than to stand up against this treatment. Any one of you here can take a shot at me and not be charged for it. There's me gun.

Ned places his gun on the counter.

Ned: Any of you feeling brave enough, go ahead.

Looks around.

Ned: No? That's what I thought. So if I can beg your patience, this is my statement to the Premier of Victoria, Graham Berry, and you here are my witnesses. Joe, take out a pen and paper. We'll write ourselves a letter.

Joe begins writing.

Ned: Dear sir. Dear sir.

Graham Berry is reading the letter.

Berry: Dear sir. I wish to acquaint you with some of the occurrences of the present, past and the future. It will pay government to give those people who are suffering-

Ned: - justice and liberty.

Berry: - justice and liberty. I seek revenge for the evil name given me and my relations. By the light that shines, this is my warning.

Ned: My brother and sisters and mother have to put up with the brutal and cowardly conduct of a parcel of-

Berry: - big, ugly-

Ned: - big, ugly, fat-necked -

Berry: - fat-necked -

Dan: Wombat headed.

Ned: Wombat headed.

Berry: - wombat headed, big-bellied, -

Woman: Magpie legged.

Ned: Magpie legged. Thank you very much, ma'am. Joe, write that down. Magpie legged.

Berry: - narrow-hipped, splaw-footed, sons of Irish bailiffs -

Ned: Or English landlords, better known as what? The Victorian police.

Berry: This section here you might find less amusing, Superintendent.

Ned: I give fair warning to all those who have reason to fear me, not to attempt to reside in Victoria. Neglect this and abide by the consequences which shall be worse than the rust in the wheat. I do not wish to give this order full force without timely warning but I am an widows son outlawed and my orders must be obeyed!


The gang are riding out of Jerilderie.

Boy: Hey! Look! It's Ned Kelly!

People: Look! Oh my God! It's Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne.

Girl: Can I get a kiss Dan?

Dan: Course you can.

He kisses her.

Steve: Dan, the ladies man, eh?

Man: Where will you go, Ned?

Ned: The country belongs to us and we'll go wherever we like.


Superintendent Hare comes to question Aaron Sherritt in his cell.

Hare: I hear you are planning on getting married, starting a family. Well, I tell you this lad. Lack of co-operation will make it very hard for me to get you out of here and back to that girl of yours.

Aaron: I got nothing to tell you.

Hare: I don't need to tell you about the rewardout. It's a lot of money. You could put it to good use. You're a friend of Joseph Byrne, aren't you? You've known each other since childhood, served time together, am I right? Aaron, it's the Kellys we want. We don't care about Joe. If we let this run its course he'll be shot down like the others. The only chance your friend will have depends on you. If you'll help me with this, I'll guarantee his safety.

Aaron considers the deal.

Police begin to set fire to the area of bush that the Kelly's are hiding in. Dan sees the fire from a distance.

Dan: Ned!

Ned sees the bushfire.

Ned: Jesus Christ. Come on.

The gang get on their horses, and get ready to leave.

Ned: Let's go!

The gang then ride away through the bushfire.


The next morning, blacktrackers and police are searching the burnt Kelly camp. One of the officers finds Kennedy's watch that Ned stole.

Officer: Sir.

Gives the watch to Hare.


The gang are gathered at a small pond, where two dead boars are lying, burnt. Joe throws a stone into the water.

Joe: They've poisoned it.

Ned (voiceover): Lying low, living in caves, you get to learn some things. Eventually you can read soils and rocks like books. I've watched gravel fade. Dust settle into crust. I've seen drips of water turn to stone that defied gravity. I've turned blood red with cave mud. I've been a bloody rock.

Ned slits the throat of a horse and lets it collapse. The gang then drink its blood in place of food and water that they have been lacking.


Horse ranch.

The gang arrive on horses at the horse ranch, where Julia is in the garden with her maid. Dan and Steve wash themselves with buckets of water. Joe is taking a bath and a maid walks in on him puffing a cigarette. She sees Joe and turns away.

Maid: Sorry!

Joe (Chinese): Wait.. please.

Maid turns around.

Joe (Chinese): Can you help to scrub my back. I can't reach.

Julia is giving Ned a haircut on the verandah.

Ned: Where's your husband?

Julia: Out looking for you like the rest of the country. You took a risk coming here.

Ned: Well, turn me in so.

Ned and Dan are sitting out on the lawn.

Dan: Do you think God will forgive us for what we've done, Ned?

Ned: I don't know. I suppose we are all going to find out one day.

Dan: Just thinking of Ma rotting away in that cell. Where do you think da is? Heaven or hell?

Ned: No, he wouldn't be in hell, you know. He wasn't such a bad fella. He was just a dum paddy who got picked on his whole life. And that does something to your pride, you know.

Dan: Can't even picture him.

Ned: When I was 10, and they gave me that green and gold sash for saving that kid from drowning. Well, that was the last time I remember him. He was proud of me that day.

Dan: Are we going to be okay, Ned?

Ned: Course we are you little gorn, you.


In the barn, Ned is readying his horse and Julia comes in.

Julia: You are just going to keep running aren't you? They'll catch you eventually or shoot you down. Did you know that they pardoned Frank Gardiner in New South Wales? On condition that he left the colony. He gave himself in.

Ned: He wasn't an Irishman.

Julia: Then why don't you just leave the county now, try for a new life somewhere in Queensland?

Ned: No, I can't. It's not about me. You know there is more to it than that.

Julia: What would it take to make you save yourself, Ned? My husband's best stallion? Take it, it's yours. Forget the mares.

Ned: More than that. Much more.

Julia: What then?

Ned: The red one too would be nice. With you atop of it, beside me.

Julia: For that you would save yourself. Leave your friends behind.

Ned: And you and your children.

Julia walks away.

Ned: Look. You and me had no business with each other in the first place, did we? Wasn't that the whole point of it.

Julia: Don't make me grieve for you.

Ned: I ain't dead yet.


Kelly household.

The dog, Rebel, begins to whimper then bark, before running outside. Kate gets up to go get it. She opens the door.

Kate: Rebel!

Ned: Kate! It's alright! It's us!

Kate: Oh! You bloody swine!

Ned: It's Ned! Com here.

Kate: Oh my God!

Grace comes outside.

Ned: Now, Gracie, look at you. You've grown too much. Give us a cuddle. Come on.

They all walk inside.

Steve: Rebel! Come on! Come on.


Joe is with Maggie in a backroom of the pub.

Maggie: So... I saw that rascal Aaron Sherritt the other night.

Joe: Oh yeah? And what did you give him?

Maggie: Nothing! You little scoundrel. The thing is, I saw him talking to this fella all friendly like on the way out. Then the fella comes back here and starts asking me all these questions about you.

Joe: Such as?

Maggie: When did I see you last and where you were now? That sorta thing.

Joe: Is he a copper, do you think?

Maggie: I don't know. Well, it could've been nothing. I just thought you ought to know, like.

Joe: Thanks Maggie.


Ned and Joe see Aaron around outside the back of the pub.

Joe: Hello Aaron.

Aaron: Joe? Ned?

Ned: So how's things Aaron?

Aaron: Not so bad. Well... not too bad. I've been reading a lot about you, Ned. You're a real terror altogether, aren't you?

Joe: We've been meaning to talk to you, Aaron. We were wondering if you would consider acting as a scout for us. We are heading into Beechworth to rob a bank there.

Aaron: A scout? Well, I'm flattered you'd think of me lads, but, uh-

Joe: You're not interested.

Aaron: No, I'd love to. If it was just up to me, I'd be in there like a shot. You know that. But I got the missus to think about now because between you and me, lads, she's up the spout.

Joe: Ah, she isn't. Ah sure, that's grand.

Ned: Congratulations, Aaron.

Aaron: Oh, thanks. Thanks. How are Dan and Steve?

Ned: They're fine.

Aaron: Say hello to them for me, will you.

Ned: We will.

Aaron: Well, I'd best get back to the party. Mary will be wondering where I got to.

Joe: Sure, you go on and look after that girl of yours.

They hug.

Aaron: I will indeed. Sorry I can't help you out. Good luck with it all anyways.


In the bar. Aaron is contemplating about whether to tell Hare and the police about the gangs plans for Beechworth. The singer sings 'Moreton Bay'.

Singer: I am a native of Erin, Ireland transported now from my native shore; They tore me from my aged parents and from the maiden whom I adored; I've been a prisoner at Port Macquarie, at Norfolk Island and Emu Plains; At Castle Hill and cursed Toongabbie and all those settlements I've worked in chains; But of all places of condemnation and penal stations of New South Wales-


Above Beechworth.

Ned and Joe are sitting on a their horses on top of a hill overlooking the town of Beechworth. They can see a barrage of police horses enter the town, proof that Aaron had been plotting to tell the police about their bank robbery plans. The gang never planned to take part in any such robbery.

Joe: Aaron, what are you doing?


Kelly household.

Dan and Steve are taking the fireplace apart in order to find a trunk stowed there by Kate for them.

Kate: Some coppers on horses followed me until Wangaratta but I met up with Tom Lloyd and Bill and we gave them the slip easy as you please.

Ned: That's great Katie.

Dan: Here we go.

Dan and Steve lift the trunk onto the table and Ned opens it.

Dan: That's great Katie.

Kate: Yeah, well I wish I had never bloody bothered. You're all gonna get yourselves killed.

Dan: We are not.

Kate: You bloody well here.

Ned: No, we're not, Katie. We're gonna give 'em a show like they've never seen before.

The gang are readying powdering their guns.

Ned (voiceover): There is a certain type of black tribesman that bends in the wind, that blends into the background. Mostly he employs the help of the dead to destroy other people. The "Night Dancer" they call him.


Sherritt hut.

Aaron and three police officers are playing cards, and it is late at night.

Officer 1: God, when is someone gonna give me some proper cards.

Officer 2: Who's in?

Aaron: Ugh. Fold. I'm turning in.

Officer 2: I guess all that losing would make you tired. You in or you out.

Officer 1: Gimme three.

Officer 2: You?

Officer 3: I'm out.

Aaron goes into his bedroom.

Mary: What's happening?

Aaron: Go back to sleep, love.

Officer 2: Here. I call. Three to the English queen.

Officer 1: It's blessed you are, Nigel.

Voice outside: Aaron!

Two officers cock their rifles. Another gets up and looks out the window. There is a figure out there. It looks to be a woman.

Voice outside: Aaron!

Aaron comes out of his room.

Aaron: Who's that? Who is it?

Officer 1: Another one of your whores, it looks like. Just tell her to get lost, unless she wants her head blown off.

Aaron walks outside.

Aaron: Lizzie, is that you?

Joe shows his face from behind the veil of the dress. He picks up his shotgun and takes aim.

Aaron: Joe.

Joe shoots Aaron through the heart, killing him instantly.

Ned and Joe are galloping away on their horses. Joe slows down and Ned turns to check on his friend.

Joe: Why do you think he did it? Just for the money?

Ned: Maybe he started thinking he was some kind of big shot. Instead of a shitkickers son like us.

Ned gallops away, leaving Joe to look back on his dead friend.


Melbourne train yards.

Superintendent Hare is speaking to a gathered group of police constables.

Hare: We have received word that one of your informants has been shot dead by the Kelly gang over near Beechworth. We will entrain immediately and proceed to Wangaratta. From there, you will be split up into units and will fan out across the country encircling the immediate vicinity. Stay close to your troop commanders for your orders of march. I would remind you all that the men we are hunting have not only plundered two banks, kidnapped men, women and children, but have murdered three of your fellow officers. They have outrun us before, gentlemen. Do not allow them to do so again.

Constable: Don't you worry, sir. We'll show the bloody animals. We'll blow 'em all to kingdom come.

Hare: These are not animals, constable. These are men who have been glorified as the leaders of a movement, a movement that threatens the stability of an entire country. Underestimate them and it will be you who will be blown to kingdom come.



The gang fires their four pistols at a piece of armour simultaneously. They finish their rounds. Dan goes over to the armour to check for any damage, and he simply looks back at the gang and smiles.

Ned (voiceover): They say the trouble with the Irish is that they rely too much on dreams and not enough on gunpowder, whereas the English were shy on dreams as usual, but had plenty of the other. Now, we had both.

Ned and the gang meet The Great Orlando and his travelling circus along a narrow road.

Ned: I suppose you're The Great Orlando.

The Great Orlando: That I am.

Ned: Well, I'm the great Ned Kelly and this here, is the fabulous Joe Byrne. We'd like to join your circus.

Ned and Joe take aim.

The Great Orlando: Oh, er. (Chuckles).


Glenrowan Railway Station.

Stationmaster Stanistreet is reading his newspaper, when a camel walks by outside his office. He gets up and goes outside to investigate, and sees Ned waiting there with Joe, who has a pistol trained on him.

Ned: That's right. You're not seeing things, its a camel. We've got a lion and some ponies back down the road. And the Great Orlando, of course.

Stanistreet: If you are here to rob the train, you're too late.

Ned: We're not here to rob the train.

Ned and Joe are then seen with Stanistreet, watching two men tear up the railway line as part of the plan of the gang.


Glenrowan Inn.

The Joneses come outside to see Ned and Joe leading The Great Orlando and his circus into the town. They stop in front of the inn, and Ned gets off his horse.

Ned: Joe, get this lot inside.


Glenrowan Inn. Later.

Ned walks into the main room of the inn, where the town is being held. Everyone has their eyes on  him.

Ned: This good looking fellow over here is my brother, Dan Kelly, and these are my friends, Joe Byrne at the bar there, and Steve Hart up there in the back corner. And I am Ned. We are all Irish boys, selectors sons. Had war declared on us by Victoria, by New South Wales, by the crown and by The London Times even. The reward on our heads is the biggest one yet offered in the world. Its up to 8000 pounds. That's a lot of money. We are the only four lads in the whole country, the entire empire, in fact, that anyone of you fine citizens is allowed to kill, no questions asked. You know, it's true. The Queen said so herself. That's right, it's Regina versus us, the Kelly Gang.

Ned (voiceover): So our plans were set. One, the traitor, Aaron Sherritt; dead, as arranged. Two; the police special from Benalla coming to meet us, the line torn up to send the train to hell, as arranged. Three; Superintendent Hare, if he lives, easily worth an outlaw's mother. And four; the townspeople out of harms way, drinks on us, as arranged.


Glenrowan Inn.

Joe is dancing with a girl. Dan is sitting at the bar, watching him. Mrs Jones, comes up behind him with a plate of lamb.

Dan: Oh, lamb, my favourite.

Some locals are playing drinking games. Ned pours drinks for some other men; Stanistreet, Thomas Curnow and another man.

Ned: Cheer up Mr Curnow, you're a witness to history. Now, how many school teachers dream of that.

Curnow is obviously not happy. Ned walks out to the verandah.

Ned: Come on Hare, where the hell are ya?


The Police Special.

Hare walks silently along the train, checking on his officers.


Glenrowan Inn.

Ned is sitting on a bed in an empty room. There is a knock on the door, and the Mrs Jones' daughter comes in with some food and beer.

Jane: Were you sleepin'?

Ned doesn't answer. Jane picks up a revolver that Ned had left on the table.

Ned: You thinking of using that?

Jane: I'm mulling it over.

Ned laughs.

Ned: Right.

Jane: You don't remember me, do you? You were just a boy then, riding a Palamino mare with a white blaze.

Ned then remembers the day he was arrested by Constable Hall, and the girl who was on his horse.

Ned: Jane. Yeah.

Jane: Yeah. Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?

Ned: A lifetime.


Main room of the Glenrowan Inn.

Dan is sitting, bored, at the bar. Joe walks through, checking to make sure nobody has escaped. He comes to the table with Stanistreet.

Joe: Where's the other fellow?

The two men both look back at Joe.

Joe: Where's Curnow?

Joe then runs into the bedroom where Ned is.

Joe: Ned, Curnow's gone!


The Broken Track.

The Benalla Special has stopped before the torn up railway line. Ned has come to check on the situation, and waits in the bush. Police are leaving the train on foot to Glenrowan.

Officers: Come on! Give me a hand here! Quickly! Get those horses off!

Curnow can be seen speaking to Hare by the railway line.


The Glenrowan Inn.

Dan is helping Steve put on his armour. Joe hands him a pistol. Ned walks in from the rain.

The Great Orlando: Knights in shining armour!

Ned walks up to the gang.

Ned: Curnow stopped the train.

Steve: Jesus.

Dan: What does this mean?

Ned: Hare's on his way.

Dan: You mean we didn't get any of 'em.

Ned: Not a soul.

Joe: There'll be a hundred of 'em. At least.


Outside the Inn.

At least a hundred officers are running for cover in the rain. They are shouting orders.


The Glenrowan Inn.

Ned: You okay Dan?

Dan: Yeah I'm okay Ned.

Ned: Steve?

Steve: A short life. And a merry one.

Ned: Joe?

Joe: We're gonna give them a good old fight, or aren't we?

Ned: That's that then. Alright, everyone listen to me. We're getting you out of here.


Outside the Inn.

All the officers have taken cover behind fallen trees and other obstacles. They are aiming their rifles straight at the Inn. Two officers let off fireworks.

Ned (yelling from inside): Hold your fire! We've got women and children coming out!

People start walking out while the officers keep their rifles carefully trained on them. An old man is suspicious of them.

Officer: It's a trick!

The old man takes aim and fires, killing a man. The other officers start shooting as the people run back inside the inn.

Hare: Stop fire! Cease fire! Hold your fire! Cease fire!


The Glenrowan Inn.

Ned: Get down on the floor! Keep your heads down! Stay on your floor!

Jane: They fired on us! They shot him!

Ned: Keep as low as you can, you hear? All right. Let's give it to them. Hit the lights.


Outside the Inn.

Four figures gather on the verandah. They step out into the light.

Hare: Fire!

The hundred police officers empty their rounds on the gang's armour. The firing stops and the four figures are still standing. The gang then raise their revolvers and open fire, hitting many officers including the old man.

Hare: They have armour on their bodies! Aim for their arms and legs!

Ned shoots Hare, and the gang finish their rounds.

Hare: Ooh! Aaaah!

Officer: He's been shot! They've shot Hare!

Ned: Alright, get back inside! Get back inside! Come on!

Hare is dragged away by some police officers.


The Glenrowan Inn.

The gang take off their helmets, back up against the walls and reload their pistols.

Ned: Oh! Dan, reload my pistols! I got the bastard that shot me. Give me that anyways! Rifle!

Dan throws him the rifle.

Ned: Bullets! Come on!

The Great Orlando's monkey gets shot.

Joe: Ah! The monkey's been shot. Poor little bugger.

Mrs Jones tries to wake The Great Orlando, but he is dead.

Mrs Jones: Oh dear God.

Johnny Jones gets shot in the gut.

Johnny: Oh! Shit!

Mrs Jones: Somebody help me, for Christ's sake!

Ned: Keep low! Get around the back of the bar!

Mrs Jones: Can you find me something to stop the bleeding?

Ned: Get down!

An old man reaches up to the bar, but he is shot in the back.

Steve: To hell with all you bastards!

Ned gets up and walks over to the door.

Joe: Ned! Where the hell are you going?

Ned: Get this lot around the back!

He puts on his helmet and walks outside with his rifle. He opens fire from the verandah.

Joe: Ned. Here's your chance! Quickly! Out that back door there!


Outside the Inn.

Ned keeps firing at the officers and also keeps taking on bullets. He walks past the police line and into the darkness.


At the back of the Inn.

Officer: Hands up the lot of ya, or you'll be shot down like dogs!

Woman: Don't shoot!

Officer shoots at the crowd.

Officer: I got him! I got Dan Kelly.

The officer is shot in the head. Dan pulls his revolver back.

Dan: No, you bloody well haven't.

Joe: Jesus Christ, lads. I think I need a drink.

Joe gets up among ricocheting bullets around him. He walks over to the bar and picks up a bottle of whisky, pours some into a glass and picks it up. A bullet goes through his glass, breaking it in his hand. Then, a bullet slides between his pelvis plate and vest plate. We can see blood coming from the area at speed. Joe collapses and dies quickly.

Dan and Steve look at each other, and they are scared.


Outside the Inn.

Ned is still walking around in the rain.

Ned (voiceover): What I best recall is riding alone with the sun behind me seeing my own shadow cantering ahead against the roadside weeds and willows and leaving me stretched far behind galloping far behind to chase it, like a centaur in the picture books.

Ned remembers saving Dick Shelton from the river as a boy, and the ceremony after when he was given a green and gold sash.

Mr Shelton: Well done Ned.

Red Kelly pats Ned on the back.

Ned (voiceover): I wore it seriously, my hero sash of green and gold. Proof that I had saved a life as well.

Ned wakes up in the morning, and the Glenrowan Inn has been set on fire by the police.


The Glenrowan Inn.

Steve and Dan are sitting against a wall away from the advancing flames.

Steve: I'm out of rounds. Do you have any left?

Dan: Only two.

Steve: I guess that's all we need then, isn't it?

Dan: We never stood a chance, did we?

Dan and Steve have started to cry and sobber.

They hold hands as Steve puts the pistol to his head. A gunshot rings out.

Dan: No. Steve. No.

Dan puts the pistol to his head and another gunshot rings out.


Outside the Inn.

Ned has heard both shots. He gets up slowly off the ground and puts his helmet on. He eventually is at his feet and lets a shot off into the air.

Officer: Over there!

Ned and the officers exchange shots at each other, but they soon hit his legs and he collapses to the ground. Ned can't go on, and the police surround him with cocked rifles pointed at him.

Officer: It's Ned Kelly. Christ Almighty, it's Ned Kelly!


The Benalla Special.

Ned is laying on a stretcher inside a carriage of the police special. A doctor unravels his bloody clothes, and removes the green and gold sash from Ned's waist. Hare comes into the carriage and the surrounding officers stand tall as he enters. The doctor hands Hare the green and gold sash.

Hare: Do you mind if I have this?

Ned doesn't answer, but just looks at him intensely. Hare simply shakes his head. Ned looks out the window, where three young boys have seen him.

Boy: Hey look! It's Ned Kelly!

Boys: Ned! Hey, Ned!

They start jumping up and down to get his attention. He just looks at them, as the train starts to move away on it's journey back to Melbourne.

Ned (voiceover): Such is life.

Subtitles: Despite a petition for a pardon that bore a total of over 32,000 signatures, Ned Kelly was hanged on 11th November, 1880. He was 25 years old.



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