Name: New Chan
Age 15

Catchprase: Ill Kick anyones ass over barbershop land!! 

Name: Hitman
Age 11
Catchphrase:Know your role cause the Hitman's in town!

Name: Anarchist
Age 11
Catchphrase:Youll Get More than a Painful Beating Even Hell Isnt a Mere Description of what the Anarchist will do to you!!
Special Moves : Anarchist Ankle Lock , Anarchial Powerbomb, Gut Breaking Wrench Drop.
Name: Doctor Big Man
Age 10
Catchphrase : Have an operation and join my cooperation!
Special Move: Syringe

Name: Lr Star
Age 11
Catchphrase : none
Special Move : Diamond Bomb

Age 11
Catchphrase: Beware Its The Melting Machine!
Special Move: Icebreaker

Age 12
Catchphrase : Everyone wil Tap to the F..B..A!!!
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