The Ventrue Moderated Game Setting situates itself in the nights after the great fall of Clan Ventrue. After years of malpractice and ignorance of the Ventrue Elders , those same Elders have now fled the Domain after the mysterious vanishing of their leader , Alvito Guterres.

A new Ventrue Elite has risen , determined to lead their Clan towards a new height in these Last Nights.

The Moderated Game is divided in two sub-games. On one side, you find the classical Ventrue Game , with typical Vampire Storylines , while on the other side , there is the Influence game , which covers the nightly struggles of the Ventrue to maintain and cultivate their grasp on the mortal world and their institutions.

Both games intertwine subtly and form the Moderated Ventrue Game.

It is a game of politics , financial take-overs, and dark schemes. A game of Noblesse Noblige, of the high society and the rich.

It is the game of the Ventrue...

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