Creating a Ventrue Character
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     Please note:   All character submissions must be approved BEFORE the character will be available for play.    We make every effort to approve submissions as quickly as possible to avoid long delays.   A well thought out character with solid, well blanced stats and a detailed history supporting those stats will make the approval process even faster.   Characters found to be in play before the approval process is complete will not be considered for final approval.

    Starting characters for the Necropolis by Night game should be generated using the guidelines provided in the Third Edition Core Book. Players creating Ventrue characters are asked to please carefully consider the description of the clan and the typical character concepts provided both in the Players Guide and in Clanbook: Ventrue.   More about creation rules can be found below.

    Elder and Ancille character submissions are being accepted for limited spaces.   Please contact the Storytellers for more information if you are interested.

     In keeping with the growing anticipation of the Time of Judgement, the Storytelling staff has elected disallow non-lethal status.   Therefore, all characters submitted to the Moderated Ventrue game will be considered lethal.   While we look forward to having as many players as possible, if you are not comfortable with this decision, please consider carefully before submitting, as there will be no exceptions.



 To create a starting Neonate character:

Attributes: 7/5/3, "Social and Mental Attributes are equally important, and illustrious members of the clan cultivate both aspects." (note characters automatically have 1 dot in each Attribute.)

Abilities: 13/9/5, "Skills and Knowledges share similar importance, as the clan places great emphasis on being well-rounded and capable". ( No Abilities higher than 3 at this stage)

Disciplines: 3 dots, Dominate, Fortitude, and Presence.

Backgrounds: Start with the 5 dots, spend them in a manner which suits the concept you have chosen for your character. You can fill in any areas where you feel your character's backgrounds may be deficient with the additional Freebie points mentioned below. Please refer to the AVP Guidelines when choosing your backgrounds as some (generation below 8th and etc.) are not considered acceptable for starting characters in the Necropolis Chronicle.

Virtues: 7 dots, (note characters automatically have 1 dot in each Virtue.)

Humanity & Willpower: Humanity = Conscience + Self-Control, Willpower = Courage

Freebie points: 15 points. Use these wisely, with consideration for what your character would have known as a mortal and what he or she could have learned since. Spending...

Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Discipline 7 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Humanity 1 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot

**Completed characters (in a word document format, including history & prey exclusion information) should be mailed to the Storytellers **

Additional Notes & other helpful information

The above creation rules are for  Neonates, 8 to 13 generation and under 100 years old.   Again, if you are interested in creating an Ancille or Elder character for the limited slots available, contact the Storytellers.

Unless embraced by an approved character, all new character are from outside the Necropolis domain.  

Additional experience from TT, LARP, or non-Necropolis WoD settings is not allowed.

Attributes should be listed as per the book. Any score over 4 in Attributes must be purchased with freebie points at the rate listed in the book, and must be justified in detail in the character's history.

Abilities should be as listed in the book. Any rating over 3 must be purchased with freebie points, and again must have a detailed explination in the character history.

Freebie points for starting characters are 15.

No more than 7 pts. in Merits or Flaws.

The Resources background can not exceed 3, higher levels are reserved for Ancillae (4) & Elders (5)

A starting character's Disciplines are restricted to Clan Disciplines. However, with the purchase of the 5 point Additional Discipline Merit, a character may possess an out-of-clan Discipline.   Out-of-clan Diciplines may not be purchased at a level higher than the character's lowest Clan Dicipline, nor may they be raised with experience points above the character's lowest Clan Dicipline.  An out-of-clan discipline may be denied if the history is not satisfactory.

If the out-of-clan Discipline is Clan-specific, then the HST of that clan will be notified OOC, prior to approval. An approved character must teach clan-specific disciplines if purchased after creation, and the HST of that clan must be notified. If purchased during creation, a reasonable history must be provided. If learned from one's Sire, then a reasonable explanation of how the Sire came to possess an out of clan Discipline will be required. Should the other clan learn of the character's knowledge of their Discipline, then your character will be punished as per the rules of that clan, and the rules of Consensual RP and Accountability.

No Archons, Justicars, Alastors, or the like will be accepted.

Status of more than 1 MUST be earned in the Necropolis game. It is understandable to want to bring in a favored Ventrue character from your LARP or TT game, but do not expect your character to retain the status from another game. While status may be reflected from another setting, it is with the understanding that it is not acknowledged in Necropolis.

Submissions need to be accompanied by a character history. When reviewing a character sheet we sometimes wonder 'why?' does this character have that discipline or skill. Other times we ask 'what?' is this characters 'phobia', please explain merits and flaws. The approval committee reserves the right to approve or not approve any specific merits, flaws or non-Clan disciplines

A detailed description of the character's feeding restriction and why it has it must also be included with the history