e616 / e616v Unlocking Tutorial


Step 1 : Modify The Cable

Tools Needed:

Small Phillips Screwdriver

Small Flat Headed Screwdriver



1) Unscrew the two Phillips screws on your USB Cable as marked in red on the following picture:

2) Prise open the case with your hands. (Donít be scared to use a bit of force!) You should end up with something like this:

3) Squeeze the two metal tabs on the side and pull down and out to remove the metal plate on the front.

4) You will see a set of pins, with the four on the left hand side with wires connected. You do not need to worry about these. It is the bare pins we are concerned with. They will be set out like this:

5) You need to use your small flathead screwdriver to bend the pins in the following way:

Bend pin 5 down

Bend pin 4 across to 5 so that it is touching

Bend Pin 10 to 5 so that it is touching

The end result should be this:


If you donít think you can handle this, buy a service cable from somewhere like eBay. They are exactly the same thing.

6) Put your cable back together by following these steps:


Step 2: Unlocking the Phone


NOTE: Please make sure that you have installed the drivers that came with your CD before you start or this will not work! You can download them from here:

NEC e616 Drivers



1) Turn your phone off

2) Plug your phone into the USB Cable. The light on the front of your e616 should light up Blue and there should be some text on the outer screen.

3) Follow These instructions:

Windows XP:

Click Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, System

Click the Hardware tab

Click Device Manager

Click the + next to the "Ports (COM & LTP)" section

There should be one that says OBEX and then next to it, (COMX) (X can be any number) remember this number.

Click here to download the Unlocking software.

Open the software.

From the Communication drop down box, check to see if the OBEX port number is there. If it is read from number 4) if it isnít, read the next section.

If the OBEX port number is not listed:

Go to the Device Manager again (see above instructions) and open the ports section.

Double Click "Communications Port (COM1)"

Go to the Port Settings tab

Click Advanced

In the COM Port Number drop down list, select the nearest port that is not in use.

Repeat the process for the OBEX port, but select the COM Port Number as COM1.

Now follow the instructions below (Donít forget to select the "Communication" as COM1)


1) Open the unlocking software

2) This screen should appear:

3) Select the Device Port as the OBEX Port you found earlier

4) Click e616 or e616v (depending on your phone) from the Phone list

5) Click Direct Unlock

6) When prompted, enter your IMEI number (can be found underneath battery or by typing *#06#)

7) Disconnect Phone when prompted and voila! Your phone is unlocked.

8) If you are unable to make calls, your IMEI has changed. Follow the process again and instead, click "Full Repair IMEI Number" and type in your IMEI when promted.


If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will try my very best to help you!


© Oliver Alcock 2005

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