A NecrosiSound Budget Compilation.
Distorted Memory
Baptism of Stains
LoEn (aka Logik Engineers)
Sector Theory
Cold Fusion
Winedark Sea
Incision Base
and MORE!!
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Cryogene - Flatline

The wait is finally over for the long-awaited full length album from masters of the detuned synth,
Cryogene. Flatline will be released mid-April as the kick off of a series of new releases from NecrosiSound. This album will feature 10 tracks that have been hyped as "bigger and badder than the likes of Funker Vogt", so say prominent German DJ's. Featured tracks "Final Horizon" and "Social Conditioning" have been gracing the dancefloors of clubs in Germany and Belgium with amazing response. The North American release will be first, and then it will be released in Europe, once the kinks with the distribution have been worked out, followed by the "Cryobox" edition, available later this year, featuring remixes by DistortedMemory, SutureFugue, LoEn, and Baptism of Stains.

Distorted Memory - Left Alone to Die

Edmonton's noisecore brainchild is just putting the finishing touches on the first full length, this 8 song album will not only make your ass move, but your fists as well. Feature track "
Rotten Meat" has already recieved attention from the likes of various clubs in Italy, and the BMEZINE.com compilation. Look for this one very soon in Canadian and American distribution from NecrosiSound. Merchandaise will be available soon!

SutureFugue - Dissolve and Coagulate

Distorted percussive nightmares, spawned in the minds of Jaimz Barton, and Stihl Borne of Distorted Memory have finally been compiled into their first full length commercial release. This album has been preceded by numerous shows in Winnipeg, and much hype. Look for this 10 (tentative) song release very soon in Canadian and American distribution from NecrosiSound. Also with remix of "
Active Radio" by Baptism of Stains.

Querkus - No Direction

After the release of this 6 song EP, Winnipeg began to eat this group up. Karen's vocals hypnotized a crowd of 150 at the sold out "
No Direction" release party, and the album has been selling like crazy. Featured tracks, "Cottonwood" and "No Direction (Remix by Haelios)" have recieved college radio airplay, and rave reviews have made Querkus an up and coming etherial force in the years to come.
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