A Little About your Humble Narrator

Hello there. Looking for information on me?!? You have come to the right place! Ok here it goes: My name is Angela but I always go by Angel. I am 20 and graduated with the class of 2004. What are my future goals you ask?!? Why you wanna know? Hehe...no seriously why do you want to know?! I currently work at like the only movie theater in Burlington. I now have the most wonderfulest (yeah I know not a word) boyfriend ever! I love him ever so much and he makes me more then happy. His name is Chris. I have a kitty. Her name is Reese. I used to have two mice named Popcorn and Pinky but they have passed on to that big cheese in the sky. I like watching tv when there's actually something on. I like watching things on serial killers and court related stuff. I love watching my Invader Zim DVD's. I like reading when I can actually stay focussed enough to read. I usually have to much bullshit going on around me to concentrate. I really love Stephen King and Jhonen Vasquez. Johnny the homicidal maniac is great! If you're sick and twisted (like me) read it! When i'm not entirely lazy I draw and occasionly paint. Hmmm...what else to tell? Oh yeah! Im a gemini!
Well below are some more tidbits of info you prob didn't wanna know:

Likes Chris, Myspace, HONESTY AND TRUST, Music, Billy Wilder films, Sleeping, Losing weight, Hello Kitty, Bedtime Bear, Lady Lovely Locks, Cats, Spongebob Square Pants, Halloween stuff, Gollum, Trent Reznor's Legs, Hamtaro, Fairies, Dinosaurs, Runny Babbits, Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Skulls, Mice, Chains, Stitch (forget Lilo!), Working, Mountain Dew, Dead Like Me (that show...), Fluffy Snow, Charlie Chaplin, Jhonen Vasquez, Not being in school anymore, Clockwork Orange (i'm kinda a fanatic..notice some references throughout the site)