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Recall Robert Spinner





Robert Spinner
Colleen Hughes
DeLaura Middle School

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The time has come at DeLaura Middle School for a radical change in administrative procedure.  Countless grievances have been placed in regards to our inept principal Robert Spinner and his unethical lackey, Colleen Hughes.  If you support a change in faculty here at school and are proud to voice your first amendment right, please sign the following petition to recall our faulty administrators.  We are hoping for a majority vote among the students of the school, so every signature counts.

You can help this cause by signing the online petition yourself and telling as many fellow DeLaura students as possible to do the same.

If you would like to contribute even further to this just cause, please feel free to write Mr. Spinner or Mrs. Hughes voicing your opinion about their stewardship.

Please tell everyone you know about this site.

Thank you for visiting  and supporting  our call for justice.

Update 3/19/04 5:49 PM

Over the past few days, many of you early supporters have signed the petition.  I thank all of you who have signed.  As you may have noticed, there is an entry in the petition from our esteemed principal, Mr. Spinner.  Please disregard this entry seeing as all of you have signed this petition in your homes and he has absolutely no jurisdiction whatsoever over this.  Actually, this makes a good point since our opponent has already dropped to the level of scare tactics to get all of you not to sign.  MR. SPINNER DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER OR RIGHT TO DISCIPLINE YOU FOR SIGNING THIS PETITION.  He has no dominion at all over what you choose to do in your spare time away from school.  As long as you aren't threatening anyone, you are in the right.  Please continue to spread the good word of this site and thank you again for signing, all.

Update 3/22/04 7:03 PM

Over the course of less than a week, we have received many signatures and been the center of much publicity due to our extensive word-of-mouth campaign.  Once again, I thank all who have signed and encourage you who have not to step forward.  Even though you are safe from disciplinary actions at school, if you do not wish to have your name appear on the petition, a simple "anonymous" will do the job.  Recently, I had to weed through several of the more obscene petition entries.   Please, moderate cursing is understandable to a degree, but when we get into the anal licking and such, please use some self control.  I advocate free speech to the fullest extent and would never stop you from saying anything, but if you are going to go on a rant about something, please use some discretion.  It was up to me, since I am the webmaster, to search through the comments, and as you may see, there are still some instances of vulgarity in the petition.  I deemed this content acceptable because it did not make reference to an obscene action, but rather only used the words in and of themselves.  So other than 3 or 4 entries the rest of you guys are fine.  Keep telling everyone you know about this site!  This is especially important since almost all of the traffic to this site comes from private conversations and word of mouth.  Thanks everyone for the vast amount of support and for continuing to advocate our just cause.

Update 3/23/04 9:12 PM

I received an E-Mail today stating that the petition had reached capacity at 50 signatures.  Worry not, the old entries in the petition have been archived so that you can still view them, but now it is again possible to sign it.  Sorry to anyone who was denied of signing the petition.  I have also received many E-Mails from individuals with positive feedback about the site.  I welcome all of you to write me and assure you that every correspondence will be met with a written response.  Just click "Webmaster" above to write me.  Any feedback you have about how to improve the site, petition, etc. is greatly appreciated.

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