Necroccultus was formed in the winter of 2003 by: Cesar Ponce(Ex-The Dweller R.I.P.) Guitars, Isaias Huerta(Ex-A Perpetual Dying Mirror) Vocals, Omar Vera(Ex-The Dweller R.I.P.) Bass, Daniel Sanchez(Ex-Diavolo Force, Ex-Leper Messiah) Drums, Santiago Guitars.Starting to work very hard to get the first songs in the total bestial death metal vein, being influenciated from the old death metal school (scandinavia and south america) in the lates 80's and earlies 90's, as: BATHORY, ABHORRENCE (FIN) GRAVE(OLD) TRAUMATIC, MORBID ANGEL, REPULSION, SARCOFAGO, BOLTHROWER, NECROPHOBIC, CREMATORY(SWE), MUTILATOR, VULCANO, THERION(EARLY) MORBID(SWE), PESTILENCE, PENTAGRAM(CHL),TREBLINKA, NIHILIST-ENTOMBED, NAPALM DEATH, DEATH, MACABRE END, CARBONIZED, MAYHEM(EARLY), POSSESSED, HELL HAMMER-CELTIC FROST, TORMENTOR(MEX)-SHUB NIGGURATH(R.I.P.), CENOTAPH(EARLY), AETERNUS(NOR), CARCASS(EARLY), INCUBUS, AUTOPSY, DR.SHRINKER, ETERNAL DARKNESS(SWE), TOXAEMIA, ETC... among others bands by the different influences betwen the members .The lyrics are based in total death, obscurity, occultism. Necroccultus Had some presentations in some states from the mexican republic principally the states from central Mexico, getting good response by the Head bangers and mettallers... In June they went in the studio record(Evolution Studios . Jesus Bravo Ex- Ripping Flesh, Agony Lords, A Perpetual Dying Mirror) There has beeen recorded 4 Brutal and Raw songs(NECROCCULTUS, INTO THE VEILS OF DAMNATION, MIRAGE OF DEATH, DESCENT TO REQUIEM, NECROSPHERE WITHIN) Choosing 2 sonf from all of those and then put in to a Promo CD and Distributing into the underground and differents record labels getting the attention from Sempiternal productions (usa) This company is going to edit the hole CD the next Dicember 2004(with 9 Tracks)...





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