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Chrono Trigger has been known to be one of the best RPGs ever!! This is a game you most play. If you want it click here.
Harvest Moon is a strange sort of RPG where you were you raise a farm. It sounds strange but it is a very good game. If you want it click here.
Bahamut Lagoon is a game most people dont know about. That is probably because it was never brought to the USA or fully translated. But this game is very good probably  good as Chrono Trigger. A most have game. Click here
Contra 3 is a good shoot em up type thingie... uhh yea im getting lazy on these reviews..... its good... get it here
Snes roms
Genesis Roms
Hey remember Sonic 3?? Sonic and Knuckles?? Sonic 3 and Knuckles?? get them all in one zip here.
More roms!!
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