General Rules

These rules you MUST OBEY so the RPG runs smoothly. If these rules are broken and you do not have a good reason for doing so, severe punishment will be enforced.

Main Rule: When you e-mail me, make sure you intitle the e-mail �Your RPG� and make sure you give me your RPG name inside the e-mail so I know for sure who you are.

1.Don't attack someone and say things like "Goku fired a Spirit Bomb at Brolly and killed him". Things don't work that way. In order to die, the opponent must only have 0 or lower PL.

2.I follow these same rules, and I treat no one any better then anyone else.

3.If there is no judge at your fight, both members of the fight must copy it and send it to me.

4.Don't argue with the selected Judge of the battle unless you are 100% sure he/she is wrong.

5.If your inactive for 1 week without giving me a reason before hand, I will send you an email. If we don't get a reply within 4 days, then every day you will loose $200 of your cash, unless you hardley have any then I will take a fare amount. Once you have no cash left, you will be kicked out of the game.

6.If you want to make anything, travel, train, or take a job, e-mail me so I can update the site and so I can keep track of your status.

7.In many RPG's, most people don't know how to handle blocks and evades. Here is how it's handled. Each fighter is capable of blocking and evading attacks. Your speed depends on how many times you can block and evade. Everyone starts with 8 blocks and 6 evades. While training, you can upgrade these to a higher level. Blocking takes away 1/2 of the normal damage and evading prevents all damage. YOU CAN NOT EVADE Spirit Bombs, Kamakazi Ghosts , Galactica Donut, and Desperation Attacks but they can be blocked except Desperation attacks. Also if someone uses instant transmission to get behind you, you can not block or evade. But this wastes two ki points I/Ting behinde someone.

8.Another question is "Why do we even bother with punches/kicks?" Here it is, each physical attack does damage when you first start the RPG. Each physical attack will cause 20 damage. If you hit someone from behind or hammer them into something, this will cause a critical hit and 30 damage. These attacks will also allow you to attack again without your opponent moving, but you can't use a Critical Hits 2 times in a row. Each member starts out with 8 critical hits, which can be increased by strength training.

9.If you wanna talk to me about a change in the RPG, then we will discuss through e-mail.

10.Fusions can only last for 1 day and you will need to rest 5 days after using it.

11.Death Ball and Gallet Gun have the ability to destroy planets. But, since it's so powerful, it's presence doesn't go unnoticed. If you plan to destroy a planet, anyone on that planet has the right to attack you and you can not refuse. Once there are no more challenges, then you can destroy the planet. If you destroy a planet while its guardian is away, then they are entitled to a challenge which you must accept. This will be done at a place and time of THEIR choosing.

12.Judges should be fare, but if they are not bring it to my attention and tell me what you think they did unfairly. If I find the decission hard to determine then I will bring it to the attention of two other members of my choosing. Once I find out what the verdict is I will let you and the judge know.

13.Here is how the court works. The council will be made up of me, your team leader, and the enemies team leader. If there is no team then random players will be selected. You will plead your own case and you are on your own side. There is a court fee of $1500 that is divided up between me and the team leaders. It is this way so members will not argue over little things.

14.The Planetary Defence System has limits. If one person wishes to challenge someone on the planet with a PDS, then that person is allowed to decline without reason. But, if 3 or more challenges are made, then the PDS shuts down and the person is forced to fight in the battle or flee the planet.

15.Being a Guardian or Ruler of a planet means you must accept fights from all challengers. If away from your planet for more that 5 days at a time, someone else can take your place as guardian or ruler of that planet.

16.You can not be Ruler or Guardian of multiple planets.

17.You can't be on more than 1 team and your team can not have more than 5 people on it, including yourself.

18.If a planet is destroyed, it can be wished back by the dragon balls. If the planet that was destroyed has dragon balls, then they will be transported to a random planet for people to hunt for, but only if there is a planet without any dragon balls already.

19.You can give a person no more than $10,000 a day for a loan, and they must pay you back in full by a month or intrest will be charged.

20.You can sell a planet if you conquered a planet or if you are guardian or ruler. You name your own price.

21.You can ONLY steal money from people you have killed.

22.You can't let people borrow items.

23.You CAN NOT change your desperation attack.

24.Healing desperation attacks only revive 1/4 of your total HP.

25.You can purchase a bank from capsule corp and if you do so you can only store half of your money in it.

*Not reading these rules is no excuse for breaking them.
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