Here you can see what new quests are avaliable, you can search for items as of now and slightly raise your PL at the same time, see below for the first quests detail.

Quest 1 here you will go on a quest on earth for 1 week, and when you return you will recieve one of the radom items listed below. All you do throughout this week is look, no training or anything, but your PL will rise ever so slightly. So just E-mail me if you wish to go on a quest. Note that the item is radom and will be determoined by the roll of a dice, and i will not cheat you and i will not make myself get anything good.

Quest 1 Items

1. Saiyan Space Pod
2. 2 Senzu Beans
3. Scouter
4. Power Pole
5. Net Grenade
6. Senzu Bean Bag
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