Welcome to Capsule Corp. Some items in Capsule Corp can be made or built. You can still build or make an SMALL items while training or traveling, but not while you are on quests. Items that are made or built, are half price (cost to make them).


Saiyan Space Pod - A small ship that can only fit one person inside. Since it is so small, it doesn't have many special features. $5,500 (Takes 6 days to build)

Capsule Corp Ship I - A standard Capsule Corp Ship. Has no special features. Can fit up to 3 people. $7,500 (Takes 8 days to build)

Capsule Corp Ship II - Like the standard Capsule Corp Ship. Can fit 3 people and has a Gravity Machine that multiplys the gravity to increase your power level. Gravity starts at x1 and can go as high as x100. The longer you stay in the ship, the higher your power level will be when you come out. $14,000 (Takes 10 days to build)

Changling Ship - Can fit about 15 people. Has a Gravity Machine similar to the one in the Capsule Corp Ship II and also has a Rejuvenation Tank and Escape Pod (just incase). $19,000 (Takes 12 days to build)

Namekian Spaceship - The same ship as Gohan, Bulma and Krillian used to go to Namek. Has a Gravity Machine in it. Can fit 3 people. Nameks only. $14,000 (Takes 10 days to build)


Dragon Radar - A must if you are planning on find dragon balls. Cuts the time it takes to find any dragon balls in half. $5500 (Takes a 4 day to make)

Senzu Bean Bag - Holds 10 Senzu Beans. Without this, you can only have 1 Senzu Bean on you at a time. $2500 (Takes 3 day to make)

Senzu Bean - Gives you back all of your strength after a battle. Great if you need a pick-me-up when you're in tournaments or training. You can only hold 2 Senzu Beans at a time unless you have a Senzu Bean Bag. $1,500 each

Senzu Bean Farm - Produces 1 bean a day. $115,000 (Takes 20 days to make)

Scouter - You are able to talk to other people who have Scouters even if they are on the other side of the galaxy. Can also locate dragon balls. Cuts 1/4 of the time to find any Dragonball. $4,500 (Takes 3 days to make)

Potara Earings - These earings allow you to fuse with ANYONE! You don't have to know fusion and neither does your partner. You each take an earing and put them in opposite ears and you both fuse to become stronger than if you used Fuse! (Example: Vegitto) Yes, like I said, the fusion with the earings is more powerful than doing the fusion dance, but the earings dissappears after one use. $14,000 (Can not be made)

Saiyan Pride Bean - This bean allows the Saiyan to grow back his or her tail. Once a tailess Saiyan grows one, he is full-blooded Saiyan and can become Oozaru or Super Saiyan. $14,000 (Can not be made)

Tail Protector - Protects a Saiyan's tail for one battle. This means it can not be cut off. Breaks after one battle. $5500 (Takes 4 days to make)

Flying Nimbus - Can be used to go from Earth to King Kai's and and the other way around. Also lets you fly around a planet. Adds 2 blocks and evades. Good people only. $115,000

Dark Flying Nimbus - Can be used to get back from "the other world." Adds 3 blocks and evades. Evil only. $125,000


KaioShin Sword - The KaioShin Sword contains a Kaio spirit that inhabitated the swords thousands of years ago. Very powerful, more powerful than the Z sword, in fact. This is the sword that Gohan uses. Gives user a power level boost of, 50%. $38,000 (Can not be made)

Z Sword - It is one of the best swords you can get. Very powerful and good to show off with. This is the sword that Trunks uses. Gives user a power level boost of 40%. $23,000 (Can not be made)

Two-Handed Sword - Not as strong as the Z Sword or the KaioShin, but it is still a good weapon to use. Gives users a power level boost of 30%. $18,000 (Can not be made)

Katana - Don't underestimate this sword. Yajirobe uses this sword. It may not look powerful, but this sword can cut through a lot of things. It can even cut through armor. Gives the user a power level boost of 20%. $13,000 (Can not be made)

Ki Blaster - Shoots small bolts of Ki. Does not use your Ki up and never runs out of Ki. $3000 (Takes a 5 day to make)

Power Pole - This is the pole that Goku uses. Very effective. Can increase it's length. $4500 (Takes a 4 day to make)

Net Grenade - When used, it traps your opponent in a net. Allows you to attack twice before you opponents breaks free. $3500 each (Takes a 3 day to make)


Weighted Clothing I - This is simply weighted cloths. The wearer gains 20% to his/her power level each week. $10,000 (Takes a 4 day to make)

Weighted Clothing II - An upgraded version of the Weighted Clothing I and weighs more. The wearer gains 40% to his/her power level each week. $15,000 (Takes 5 days to make)

Weighted Cape - Same kind of cape that Piccolo wears. Gives you a 40% boost to your normal PL a week. $15,000 (Takes 5 days to make)

Saiyan Elite Armour - This will subract 3/4 of the damage from any attack. Breaks after 2 battles. $20,000 (Takes 4 days to make)

Saiyan Armour - This will subtract 1/2 of the damage from any attack. Breaks after 4 battles. $15,000 (Takes 3 days to make)

Freeza Armour - This will subtract 1/4 of the damage from any attack. After a beating, it breaks. Breaks after 8 battles. $13,000 (Takes 2 day to make)

King Kai Reflective Clothing - Blocks small attacks and small ki blasts. Critical Hits still hit but anything else that is an instant ki attack or a physical attack non critical will be cut in half.$13,000 (Takes 5 day to make)

Weighted King Kai Reflective Clothing - Same as Reflective Clothing, but this is weighted. The wearer gains 40% to his/her power level each week. $18,000 (Takes 6 days to make)

Planet Accessoriers:

Rejuvenation Tank - Heals you back to perfect health after a battle. Takes a day to heal yourself. $8000 (Takes 7 day to build)

Graviton Room - A room where you can go and train under the Graviton Machine. Goes up to 100x Earth's normal gravity. Perfect for people who don't have a trainer or train under themselves. $25,000 (Takes 10 days to build)

Dojo - A room for training in. Training in this room will double the amount of power you get at the end of your training. $45,000 (Takes 8 days to build)

Supply Room - A room to store your equipment, weapons, and so on. All it really does is gives you a discount on all items bought in Capsule Corp. Does not give you a discount when making or building an item. $18,000 (Takes 5 day to build)

Planetary Defence Systems (PDS) - This allows you to keep unwanted people away from your planet. So, if you see that someone will be a threat to you and you don't want them on your planet or you are being challenged by someone and don't want to accept, just use your Planetary Defence Systems. The only flaw is if 3 people or more challenge you, then PDS shuts down and the people are allowed in. $50,000 (Takes 15 days build)

Dragon Ball Kit - Gets you your own Dragon Balls for your planet. The Dragon Balls are the same as the Earth Dragon Balls. Costs $115,000 (Takes 15 days to make)

Hyper Bolic Time Chamber Kit - Lets you build a HBTC on your planet identical to the one on Earth. Costs $175,000 (Takes 20 days to make)


Planet(2x Earth's gravity) - A planet that is just pretty much if you just want a HQ. $8000

Planet(10x Earth's gravity.) - This planet has a lot of stuff on it and around it. Everywhere you look there is a meteor crator and it is almost surrounded by asteroids. Great defensive planet! $25,000

Planet(30x Earth's gravity) - A smaller planet that was home to an advanced civilization, therefore there are a lot of neat ruins and you just may find something there... $48,000

Planet(60x Earth's gravity) - A planet that is small and very active. There is still some life there, but they aren't very hostile. They don't train so they don't have high pl. $60,000

Planet(80x Earth's gravity) - A planet that is home to many creatures. ;It should be a good place to start a HQ because the planet has a good potential. $75,000

Planet(100x Earth's gravity) - This planet is very much like Planet Namek, except nicer. It has a huge gravity making it very good for training and is a nice place to be. $95,000

Planet(150x Earth's Gravity) - This is the nicest planet of all. It is the same size as Jupiter and is almost as nice as planet Earth! There are civillians and animals living on this planet, so be sure to train somewhere where you won't cause too much destruction. $125,000

New Item

Saiba Men: This is like having a second character but he is controled by you. His PL and attack power come preset, so if you wish to purchase one just e-mail me his stats and all that good stuff. You mau only have three of these or any other like them. EX: only 1 android, 1 Saiba Man, 1 Mini Cell, and so on. It can be done like that so only 3 servents total.$30,000

Special Items (CAN NOT be bought and can only be used ONCE, yet they can be wished fro with the dragon balls.):

EMP - This device send out an Electric Magnetic Pulse, hence the name, and completely disables Androids for 7 turns and Half Androids for 5 turns. Not for sale.

Ultra Potara Earings - These earings allow ANY 3 PEOPLE to fuse! None of the 3 people need to know fuse either. Not for sale.

Virus Spray - Spray this on an opponent and they catch a virus that disables them for 6 turns. Does not effect Androids but does effect part Androids. Not for sale.

Money Machine - TRIPLES your salary! Not for sale.

Thank you for visiting Capsule Corp. Please come back soon because we may have new items available.
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