General Info

Note: some of this stuff may have been mentioned else where but it is here anyways.

Main Thing: I may leave from time to time unable to get to a computer. When this happens, when I come back every one will get a PL raise as I see fit. Also if you e-mail while I am away, I will treat that e-mail as though I had gotten it that day. So if you wish to train and send me an e-mail, when I get back I will treat it like you had started it on that day.

1. I have a chart laid out for the increase of PL and attack power, so no one will be treated differently.

2. You will stay in the HTC for one week minimum, and you may stay longer if learning an attack that takes longer or if you request it. But you can not stay in longer then two weeks.

3. Items may be added to the stores every now and then.

4. If you have any ideas to make the RPG any better e-mail them to me and let me know.

5. If two people can not fight because they do not have each others instant messenger then I will be forced to have you do it on a message board. Make sure you each set up a time to meet on the internet so it will go faster.

6. In the teams you can have no more then 10 people total on one team.

How to Battle

OK, this is quite simple, when you start the battle each of you two will power up EX:
*Necro powered up to Max PL* 2000.
So you power up to whatever your power level is. Then when you start the attacks you simply do it like so,
*Necro fired Kame Hame Ha*300.
So you state the attack and show how much damage it dose. The damage is already in your profile for each attack. Also if an attack needs to be charged up you will do it like this before fireing,
*Necro charges Kame Hame Ha*.
Ok its that simple, and you can block, evade, and do critical. So those can be preformed like so.
*Necro evades the attack, and uses Trump Card* 200
So you can evade or block then do an attack, you can also do a critical like the following
*Necro slams Goku into the ground*70 CH
When you do a critical you get to go again before your opponent, but no more then 1 critical at a time, so they cant be done twice in a row.

Selling Items

You can now sell items. You have two choices, you can sell them back to the place you bought it from for 1/4 of the price, or you can sell them to a member for whatever price you two agree on. Now if you built/made the item and got half off you still only get 1/4 of that.
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