Fighting Rules

Main Thing to Know: Your PL counts as your HP so if an attack is done to you your PL lowers, not that this dose not lower your PL permanently just for that battle.

1.Kaoken is times what your PL is at the time, so if your in a fight and your down to 2,000 PL and you have KaoKen x2 then your PL goes to 4,000. Got it, good.

2.Oosaru is the same thing as KaoKen except it is 4 times your current PL. In Controlled Oozaru it will be times 3.

3.If you have the attack Oosaru (but not controlled), and you see a full moon or an artificial, moon you transform into an Oosaru if you look at it. While in Oosaru (not controlled), 1 out of every 3 attacks does not hit.

4.Oozaru turn example: 1st - Fine; 2nd - Uncontroled; 3rd - Fine; 4th - Fine. 5th uncontroled...

5.You can only stay in Oozaru (not controled) for 6 atttacks.

6.You return to normal after th fight if you used Oozaru during the fight.

7.You may use KaoKen and then Oozaru or Controlled Oozaru.

8.Oozura multiplies your normal PL by 4. Controled Oozaru multiplies it by 6.

9.When Guru unlocks your Inner Powers, it doubles your Power Level. You can only have your Inner Powers unlocked once.

10.Saiyans can only lose their tail by getting it cut off in a battle, by cutting it off themself, or you by pulling it off by themself. No one else can pull your tail off. Any Saiyan that has their tail cut off during battle loses 1/2 of their Power Level for the remainder of the battle, so you better keep blocking and evading those sword swipes at your tail!

11.If a you are a full Saiyan and have had your tail cut off or pulled off, then it will grow back in 7 days. If a you are a half Saiyan and have had your tail cut off or pulled off, then it will grow back in 5 days because of the other races ability to heal faster than Saiyans.

12.Sprit Bomb can not be evaded, it can only be blocked.

13.Death Ball and Gallet Gun can destroy planets.

14.Critical Hits, Blocks and Evades can not be regained while in a battle unless you use a senzu bean.

15.Senzu Beans restore everything except if you have already used your Despiration Attack. If you did use it, you may not use it again even if you eat a Senzu Bean. You can only eat one senzu bean per battle.

16.Despiration Attacks can only be used once per battle, unless I state that you can use it more. They also take one turn to charge.

17.If you learn someones elses Despiration Attack, that Despiration Attack will be weaker then normal and you can use it anytime during the battle. It will require 2 turns to charge.

18.When you use a Ki Attack that causes a CH, you only take away a Ki Attack, not a CH. So if you use a Dynamite Kick on your opponent that causes a Critical Hit and uses a Ki Attack, then you only take away a Ki Attack. You also get to go again, but you cant have two criticals in a row.

19.Solar Flare paralyzes the victim for however many turns it states. During those turns the victim can not block, evade or do anything except stand there.

20.Saiyans can only go Oozaru ONCE per battle.

21.If there is a moon or artificial moon in the sky, Saiyans may choose not to look at it (if they have the attack Oozaru).

22.Death Disk and Destructo Disk can only cut off limbs when the opponent is in the Critical Zone (when the opponent can use his/her Despiration Attack) and has no evades left, plus half health is gone.

23.The only way to stop from having a limb cut off is to evade the attack. You can block a Destructo Disk, and you can also block a Death Disk but if the attack is used one more time your limb is cut off.

24.You can only spar 3 times a week. This rule is in place so that members don't spar fifty times a week which will make their PL rise too fast.

25.You can only challenge people to the death twice a day.

26.A player may choose not to fight to the death, but will have to pay $200 to the person he refuses to. Once he is out of money he must accept the challenge.

27.Only a judge can put a moon in the sky. If you choose to do a battle when a judge isn't on, then both players have to agree on the moon or there is none. Please be reasonable.

28.If you know Special Beam Cannon you can destroy a real moon and only a real moon.

29.If you win a spar you get 1/2 the opponents PL and $500. Note: The opponents PL will not decdecrease form that.

30.If you loose a spar you get 1/4 the opponents PL and $250. Note: The opponents PL will not decrease from that.

31. If you tie a spar you both get 1/4 of each others PL and $150

32. In a fight to the death the winner gets 1/2 the opponents PL and whatever money he wants to take from the dead guy, also he can steal any small items, no big ones like ships and planets. The looser gets nothing, cause he�s dead.

33. You can now Ki charge in battle, this will regain all your ki points back and it takes 3 turns to charge. You can do this as much as needed.

New Rule-34. Once you reach over 1,000,000 PL you no longer get 1/2 and 1/4, from now on for a win you get 30,000 PL and 20,000 PL for a loss, no matter who you fight, and the money stays the same.
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