These destroyer units have appeared around the galaxy, and they terroize the weak and destroy marvilous cities. Along with these units are Mini Cells, far stronger then any other fighting unit. Your mission is to destroy as many as possible, and once you defeat all the units of one class a stronger one, known as their leader appears, and he must be defeated. This is just like sparring, you gain PL but it is already pre-determined, you also recieve money for defeating one unit. You may only fight 5 units total a week, but it must be divided, you cant just fight 5 mini-cells, it will say in their profile how many of that unit your allowed to fight a week. Also the units are powered by Fuel, each of their attacks requier fuel, and they can replenish it all with using a fuel capsule. When fighting one of these you can either fight it by having a member control it, or you can control it and fight it by your self, but please, do not cheat and just say you kill one.

Unit A-1

Units Left - 143/150


Fuel - 350


Plasma Cannon-1,000 - requires 50 fuel
Laser Slice-600 - requires 30 fuel
Plasma Grenade-1,500 - requires 80 fuel
Items: 10 fuel capsules


*2,500 PL


Unit A-2

Units Left - 87/100 - Only allowed to fight 3 a week

POWER LEVEL - 10,000

Fuel - 400


Laser Crusher-1,000 - requires 50 fuel
Plasma Bomb-2,000 - requires 100 fuel
Laser Slice-800 - requires 30 fuel
Items: 15 fuel capsules


*5,000 PL


Unit A-3

Units Left - 68/80 - Only allowed to fight 2 a week

POWER LEVEL - 100,000

Fuel - 1000


Flame Sicle-10,000 - requires 80 fuel
Ice Bomb-15,000 - requires 100 fuel - disables opponent for two turns
Laser Slice-8000 - requires 70 fuel
Items: 18 fuel capsules


*10,000 PL


Mini Cell

Units Left - 33/40 - Only allowed to fight 1 a week

POWER LEVEL - 250,000

KI: 7,000


Gallet Gun-25,000 - requires 80 KI
Regenerationg Mini Style: Able to regenerate 25,000 PL - only used once a battle - requires 150 KI
Copy-Aquires his opponents attacks for one turn at a time and uses which ever one he absorbs at the same strength - requires 200 KI


*20,000 PL

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