Dragon Ball Wishing Rules

1.When wishing for a higher power level, you can not wish for more than 20,000 PL.

2.When wishing for more money, you can not wish for more than $20,000.

3.You can wish for any item except for a planet or items more then $60,000, or less then $3000.

4.You can not wish for the same thing twice. If you choose to do this you must find the Dragon balls again.

5.You can not wish to decrease an opponent's stats.

6.You can not wish for more wishes.

7.You can not wish to find other dragon balls instantly.

8.You can not wish for a planet to be destroyed.

9.You can not wish for anyone to be killed.

10.You can only wish for immortality with the Black Star Dragon Balls. With immortality, you can loose the battle but you do not die.
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