Attack List

Note: Attacks with a "*�s" take longer to learn then ones without. Limit one * attack to when you first join, but be careful! It won't be as powerful if you recieve it at the very beginning! If you train to learn these attacks, they will be very powerful. Note: Attacks with "**�s and ***�s " take the longest to learn and you can't start out with any of these attacks. You must train for them. If you self train, it will take double the time it takes if you were to train with a trainer. At the end of the descriptions of the attacks it shows how long it takes to charge in a battle. Also, new attacks may be added from time to time.

Million Ki Blasts - This is where Ki is charged up and shot in many rounds in small shots. Usually gets the user tired. This counts as an everlasting critical hit. It works as a barrage and the longer you use it, your Ki attack count goes down by 1 each turn. A great way to keep your opponent at bay for a while. Just keep watch of your Ki attack count. Does damage equal to your Critcal Hit. Used instantly.

Trump Card - A sword attack used by Trunks to slice Freeza in half. Used instantly.

Chou-Kame Hame Ha - A Kame Hame Ha is like ball that can be controlled with 2 fingers and goes until it impacts something. Not as strong as the Kame Hame Ha, but it can be controlled until it hits something. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Bakuhatsuha - A move where the person raises 2 fingers and all of the ground around them is decimated. If the opponent is in the air, this attacks does not cause any damage. Used instantly.

Fuse - This is where two people can fuse together and get a big boost in power (only when fused). The two power levels must be in reasonable vicinity of each other. Can be used at anytime, anywhere. The 2 power levels form into 1 and all the attacks and techniques will be shared too. Works instantly.

Multi-Form - Tien's technique that allows him to fight himself to train or allows him to fight others using 3 forms of himself. In the RPG, Multi-Form allows you to attack 3 times in a row before the opponent can attack. The catch is, your attacks are only 1/2 as strong and the damage you recieve from attacks are worth 2x as much! Be careful when using this move!

Bakurikimaha - This is a powerful Ki blast shot from one hand, the other hand grips the shooting hand's wrist for support. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Big Bang Attack - A huge Ki bolt of incredible destructive power. The person holds one flat palm forward towards his enemy and launches the bolt. Vegeta's first attack. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Gallet Gun - A powerful blast that is Vegeta's version of the Kamehameha, but not as strong. Can be used to destroy planets. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Destructo Disk - A move that can slice through almost anything. It kills or sevearly damages the opponent if he can't block or evade anymore. An upgraded form allows a destructo disk to form into a lot of small disks that are much sharper and can not be blocked. It only kills the opponent when they are in the critical zone (a.k.a. whenthey can use their despiration attack). All other times if it can be blocked or evaded, it just cuts off 1 arm or 1 leg. Cutting off an arm reduces attack power. Cutting off a leg stops the opponent from moving. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Masenko - A move used by Gohan when he is very mad. Also very powerful. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Eye Beam - Beam of Ki shot through the eyes. Not super strong but fairly accurate. Perfect for grappling fights. Used instantly.

Death Disc - Kind of like Destructo Disc except it can be controlled by hand movements. Kills or sevearly damages the opponent if he has no blocks left. Has the same tactics as the destructo disk. The opponent can evade, but it will be a waste of time because you can just keep controlling it. You can upgrade to 2 disks which allows you to menuver 2 in 1 turn. Takes 1 turn to charge per disk.

Solar Flare - Ability to make a very bright light to distract your opponent and either make quick attcks or fall back and charge. The Solar Flare effects the opponent causing him not to attack for 2 turns. Can be upgraded by training with Tien. Cannot be used 2 times in a row. Used instantly.

Regeneration - Ability of an alien to regenerate limbs lost from battle. Aliens and Nameks only. Used instantly.

Mystic Attack - Namek ability to strech their arms to a very long length. Nameks only. This allows you to do a much stronger physical attack and critical hit that can't be evaded. Doubles physical attack and critical hit. Used instantly.

Barrier - This purely defensive technique forms a Ki-Shield around the body that protects the user from Ki or similar attacks. There are two forms of this manuever. One is a spherical shield that surrounds the body and the other is more of a coating of the body. Lasts for 2 turns.

Hell's Flash - Fires a powerful blast from cannons under your wrist. Androids only. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Tri-Beam - You form a triangle with your hands and shot and triangle shaped Ki at your opponent. If overused, it could kill the user becuase an enormous amount is shot. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Double Kamehameha - This is done by shooting one large Kamehameha like blast. It splits into two and user guides these two blasts to his opponent, or blasts them with the one large blast. Good for fighting two people at once. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Galactica Donut - This is a very useful move. You point your finger or hands at your opponent, firing rings of power that can't be broken or avoided and the rings keep your opponent from moving. You can trap them to the ground, or you can keep them like that for up to an hour in real time or 4 turns durring a battle. Very cool move, but only effective if your opponent's Power Level is in the critical zone, which is when your opponent can use his/her Despiration Attack. Can not be used 2 times in a row. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Kaiho - This allows the user to knock his opponent back with tremendous force. Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and a lot of other people did this move. Very useful move. Causes a critical hit.

Makosen - Goten's equivalent of Gohan's Masenko. Done much the same way, only, Ki is in both arms and you launch two very powerful Masenko like blasts.

Kame Kame Ha - Goten's version oh the Kame Hame Ha where he says the attack wrong. Still works for him, though, but not as powerful as the Kame Hame Ha. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Despiration Attacks - Use these attacks when your health is down to 1/4 of it's full limit. You can only use these once per battle. You make up your own attack for this! These attacks can't be avoided and they only take 1 turn to charge (unless you want some dramatic things happening ^_^). This is your most powerful attack (unless you have Spirit bomb). Takes 1 turn to Charge, no Ki attacks are used with this.

Ground Flare - One of Vegeta's attacks. Raises two fingers and a beam of energy comes up from the ground. Very powerful if your opponent is beat into the ground. Can not be used if opponent is not on the ground. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Nova Blast - A powerful energy blast shot from one hand. Trunks' version of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Burning Attack - A powerful energy blast shot from both hands. It is done by holding both hands forward, the thumb and index finger touching, and finally shoting a powerful blast. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Dynamite Punches and Kicks - A move or moves where the user charges Ki in their hands and feet and punch and kick with explosive power. Each attack is used instantly and causes a critical hit

Fire Crusher Ball - Ball of Ki charged and thrown in the palm of the hand. Everyone can use it, not just Jeice. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Purple Spriral Flash Attack - Move where Jeice and Burter mix their powers and start spinning in a spiral and making small purple Ki blasts fly out of it. More powerful than the million Ki blasts. You need a partner who also has this move to use it. Used instantly and has the same tactics as Million Ki blasts.

Moon Blast - Ability of a Saiyan to shoot a Moon Blast into the air and change into a huge monkey called an Oozaru. Used instantly.

Kamakazi - Where you cling onto your enemy and start overpowering yourself until you explode on their backs. Does the amount of damage equal to your entire power level, but you die using this attack. Used instantly.

Regeneration - Ability of an alien to regenerate limbs lost from battle. Aliens and Nameks only. Used instantly.

Lightning Whips - Attack from The World's Strongest where small cords come out of your arms and then become charged with electricty and then can fly out and electrocute an opponent. Androids only. Used instantly.

Kakusan Kikou Ha - A very slow-moving ball of energy that can break into several parts and hits numerous targets. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Mouth Blast - As you may have guessed, Ki shot from the mouth. More powerful than you might expect. Great for grappling fights. Used instantly.

Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha - An attack that sends hundreds of energy balls into the air and surrounds the opponent with them. The energy balls hang in mid-air for a second, and then you let them fly. It forces all of the energy balls to converge on the victim at once causing a large explosion. Takes 1 turn to fire and another turn to blow them all up.

Electric Blast Attack - A quick one-handed blast of electricity. Stronger than you may think. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Telepathy - This is an ability where the user can talk to any person they wish, any where in the galaxy. This move isn't much, but you can upgrade it, to a better version, with enough training. Used instantly.

Hankokubikkurisho - User shoots ki blasts that act like a net like trap, shocking the enemy until they are drained of power. Could drive a Saiyan into Oozaru form. Humans, Nameks, Evil Aliens only. Used instantly.

Genocide Attack - Captain Ginyu and Majin Buu used this move. Very powerful small balls of ki are launched into the air, they can either explode around the opponent, or all fly at him with deadly intent. Evil Guys only. Used instantly.

Kakusandan - Goku used this move against many people in the series. You fire many ki bolts, all track their opponent down, crashing into him from all sides, causing your opponent's body to be jerked in all directions at the same time. Used instantly.

Kikoho - This is like the Burning Attack. This is easier to accomplish. Same as done, only can be done also by through the eyes. Not as powerful as Burning Attack though. Saiyans only. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Koshoku - This technique can only be used in Oozaru form. This technique allows you to "eat" light, decreasing the damage of an attack, or completely destroying it. Oozaru form only. Used Instantly.

Rogafufuken - Goku's first move, other then Kamehameha. This is a move where Goku get's down into a stance or not, and attacks with claw like punches and kicks, finally finishing off with a double fisted claw punch. Big beat-up move. Used instantly.

Oozaru Mouth Blast - Much stronger than a normal Mouth Blast and can only be used while Oozaru. Takes 1 turn to charge.

Divine Cutter - A Dragoon Attack. Slashes opponent so fast that it can't even be seen by a super saiyan.

Flame Shot - A fire ball like Kamehameha but weaker. Works instantly.

*Final Flash - Vegeta's most powerful attack. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Special Beam Cannon - This move actually has two beams; one that goes straight and another curves around it. Goes through everything until something big enough or strong enough stops it. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*KaoKen - A move where all of the senses get better and power is raised by how good your Kaoken is. Your attack power goes up by 100% and your power level is raised, but it doesn't last forever. It lasts only as long as your Ki attack count does. If you have 8 Ki attack counts (which most people have), then each turn you use the Kaoken, the # goes down by one. Your Ki attacks such as Kamehameha or death disk, ect. don't waste a Ki attack count though! Those attacks are included in the kaoken. So lets do a run-through. You have a total of 8 Ki attack counts. You use Kaoken. Next turn, you physically attack your opponent. Your Ki attack count still go down by 1. Now you have 7. Next turn, you charge an attack. You waste another Ki attack count. Now you're at 6. Next turn, you fire a Ki beam. You still only lose 1 Ki attack count, not 2. So now you're at 5. It keeps going on that way.

*Kamehameha - A powerful blast of Ki that gets stronger as the person gets stronger. Goku's most powerful attack next to the spirit bomb. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Freeza Beam - Beam of Ki shot through one finger. Pierces through anything until stoped by something powerful. Also everyone can use it, not just Freeza. It kills or sevearly damages the opponent if he has no more evades left and has a power level 1/2 of yours. Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Death Ball - A move where the user charges a small but powerful black ball with electricity around it. Frieza's most powerful attack and has the ability to destroy an entire planet. Only used for destroying planets. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Oozaru - A Saiyan with a tail becomes a giant ape when he/she looks at the full moon. Doubles the users Power Level and Attack Power, but you can't control your actions unless you learn Controlled Oozaru or someone uses Telepathic Control to control you.

*Zanzoken - The user can move so fast he leaves an after-image while attacking from another standpoint. Temporarly doubles your Evades and Blocks at the start of every battle.

*Kyodaika - It lets you grow your body to a huge size, making the range and strength of your blows much more effective. Nameks and Aliens only. Doubles all stats and works like the Kaoken.

*Instant Transmission - This move allows the user to teleport to any place instantly, but only on the same planet. You can see King Kai without being dead if you're on earth. Used instantly.

*Garlic-Ho - This is the equivalent of Kamehameha. Very much like the Kamehameha only it's bigger, and much more powerful. Saiyans Only. (Harder to learn than Kamehameha.) Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Kamikaze Ghost Attack - This is a very powerful and destructive move. The user yells as loud as possible "Kamikaze Attack". Upon doing so, thousands of ghost images of him shot out. They all have a mind of their own, and if they touch or hit something, it causes a destructive path and radius of about 100 ft. These little ghosts are extremely smart and can't be hit or can they shot blasts. They just have to touch their target, and the opponent is no more. Used instantly.

*Healing - Dende's way of healing allies without the use of Senzu Beans.

*Finishing Buster - A move used by Trunks. A very powerful energy attack that was used to finish off King Kold. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Super Wolf Fang Fist - Move where the user goes over their max power and when they punch, a wolf like image is made. Evil guys only. More powerful than the Dynamyte attacks. Used instantly.

*Sokidan - This is a small ki blast, with the destructive power of Spirit Bomb. Takes two turns to gather the power, and can only be shot once, but you can bounce it around. If you are good, then the blast will not effect you.

*Desperation Mouth Blast - Much stronger than a normal Mouth Blast and can only be used while Oozaru. Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Final Fireball - Bardock's most powerful attack. This was the attack used on Frieza to stop his Death Ball from destroying planet Vegeta. Even though the attack is very powerful, Frieza's Death Ball was still too strong and it whiped out the Saiyan race. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Energy Sword - A sword used by Ryoko. It can be used to attack by itself, or it can be thrown at the opponent with a big blast of power. Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Darkness Dimension - The fighter creates a large black dome surrounding his oppenent(s). The user then disappears as the opponents are thrown around constantly inside the dome of dark energy. Then the dome explodes with great power. Takes 2 turns to charge.

*Demon Summoning - Another move used by Ryoko. She calls evil spirits from anything she wants and they attack the opponent. Takes 1 turn to call them.

*Divine Cannon - A Dragoon attack. A huge force of energy seeps out of his palm and nails the enemy in the chest. Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Divine Ball - Plows the enemy continuously with a shoulder cannon. Takes 1 turn to charge.

*Final Burst - Must be a dragoon and have a sword. A fast and powerful attack causing fire. Takes 1 turn to charge.

**Spirit Bomb - A huge ball of Ki that is powered by the user's concentraion and every living thing contributing a little power. Takes 4 turns to charge up.

**Super Regeneration - Ability of an alien to regenarate his/her whole body from 1 cell. It is an upgraded form of Regeneration. Aliens and Nameks only. Used instantly.

**Stolen Energy - Using this technique, you can "steal" your opponents moves and use them in that battle!!! You don't keep the attacks though. This is extremely hard to learn, and takes devotion to learn it. Only learned under Android 17. Used instantly.

**Instant Transmission (upgraded) - The same as Instant Transmission, but allows the user to teleport to different planets too! Great for searching for Dragon Balls. This is one of the most difficult things to learn.

**Telepathic Control - This is an upgraded version for telepathy. Not only can you talk to the person, but you can control his movments and speak to others using his body. His attacks won't be as strong if you fight using him, though. Your opponent must be at least half your Power Level. For example: if your 300,000, your opponent must be 150,000 or below. Good move once you've got a high Power Level. Used instantly.

**Haretsu No Maho - This is a very powerful move. It allows a person to make a weaker opponent explode. Opponent must have a power level in the critical zone to use this in battle. If he isn't, keep fighting to drain his Power Level, then use it. One of Frieza's Finishing Moves. Used instantly.

**Controlled Oozaru - No one can control themselves when in Oozaru...until now. Train yourself for this technique which allows you to control yourself and make intelligent decisions. It takes a long time to learn. Must know Oozary to learn and this technique takes away 2 ki attacks

**Final Kame Hame Ha - A mix between Kame Hame Ha and Final Flash. (Very powerful) You must know both Kame Hame Ha and Final Flash to learn this. It also takes training time to learn how to combine the 2. Takes 3 turns to charge.

**Final Masenko - A mix between Final Flash and Masenko. Must know both Masenko and Final Flash. It is powered up like a Final Flash, but is shot like a Masenko. Takes 3 turns to charge.

**Dark Spirit Bomb - Exactly like the Spirit Bomb except that it does 50% more damage to Good guys. Takes 4 turns to power up.

**Split Form - With this technique you are able to split into 2 exact copies. So when you use it there are simply two of you with the same Power Level, Attacks, Blocks, Evades and Ki Attacks. But you cannot use your Despiration Attack. No matter when you use this in a fight you will stay split for the rest of the fight. Used instantly.

**Perfect Kamakazi - This Kamakazi is perfect. It will kill your opponent no matter what your Power Level is. Used instantly.

**Dragon Fist - A powerful physical attack taught by Master Kai. You can only learn this if you compete in the other world tournament. If you have instant transmission, you can compete without being dead. If you are alive and you want to die quick, just use kamakazi. Takes 2 turns to charge.

**Divine Dragon - An extremely powerful attack summoning the holiest of dragons. Takes 4 turns to charge.

**Charge Up - Gives back 1/4 of your PL. Once your PL in used you cannot use it anymore until you use more Ki. Takes 2 turns to charge.

**Flaming Kick - I fiery kick that is semi strong. Takes 2 turns to charge.

***Majin Attack - Multiplies your normal PL by 15! Cannot be used with Oozaru or KaoKen. With this attack u miss every 4th turn because you're so evil and you must rest for 1 day after the battle until you can control it.(That will be up to me) Takes 1 turn to charge.

***Thunder Flash - Pikkons strongest attack. Flames shoot from his fists as they slam into his opponenet. Takes 3 turns to charge.
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