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"If I Were The Devil"

I would gain control over the most powerful nation in the world. I would delude their minds into thinking they had come from mans effort, instead of Gods blessings. I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of the other way around. I would dupe entire states into relying on alcohol, gambling and prostitution. I would entice its leaders into making it legal for one to take their own life, as well as their unborn children. I would make animals more important than people and take God out of their schools, even make it illegal to mention His name for fear of a lawsuit. I would compel people to express their most depraved fetishes and call them art and convince them they were born homosexual. I would convince people that right and wrong were determined by those elected as authorities and call it politically correct. I would convince people that church was irrelivant and prayer was for the weak and naive. I would convince christian's that faithfulness and obedience are optional; Wait!......Maybe I'd just leave everything just the way they are.....(Paul Harvey)

Does'nt it seem odd how nobody seems to know what to do about our social problems? or how to stop themselves from being a part of a herd being led to their slaughter? Why are all the governments of the world forcing people into a system that tracks everywhere they go as well as everything they eat? Cell phones with cameras are closely watching and now WE have become the Big Brother that everyone is afraid of. The entire "nation of islam" is trying to exterminate christians and all non-believers and force the whole planet into converting against our will, and there is only One Hope [click here]

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Living in the crosshairs

Is seeing, the only way to believe? It is not a prerequsite for anyone to believe, in order for something to be true. So, acting only on what you believe may be "the lie".
Believe it or not we are all at war. Because someone thinks he has a better plan for us.
Every Christian is a walking battlefield. Every believer carries deep within himself a conflict. If your not a believer then your playing into the hands of the enemy at every turn in your life.
The principles of war are taught in military academies all over the world. In most ways, spiritual warfare is no different than physcial warfare. Every soldier who expects to not only survive but win must understand and employ these principles in his own daily battles.
The angel Lucifer challenged God�s authority while the earth was still without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep. Pride sparked off the �I�ll do it my way� war, and God accepted Satan's challenge and decided to let it run its course. All the earth is a stage for the ultimate fight.

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