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Necklaces Necklaces Necklaces
Name:necklace_1_2009 Description:16' Price: $45Name:Q1 Description:15" Price: $145Name:Scorpion Description:16" Price $75
Necklaces Necklaces Necklaces
Name:Magma Description:16' Price: $50Name:Umbra" Price: $50Name:Telepathic Description:16" Price $50
Necklaces Necklaces Necklaces
Name:Nature Description:16' Price: $50Name:Goth 2" Price: $50Name:Confidence Description:16" Price $50

Necklaces.Unique prides itself in knowing that each necklace is hand crafted. There will only be 1 necklace make of each.

You will be among the lucky few that owns a necklaces.unique necklace. Hope that you enjoy your time here at the Necklaces.Unique website.
Come again and visit often.

To order: download the excel spreadsheet, complete, save, then e-mail to necklaces.unique @yahoo.com

Visit [email protected]. Another great place to get a quality gift.
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