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Necklace and Bracelet
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Accesories,jewels the perfect gift! Chokers and/or spiral bracelet,anklets,lariats,gems belts,earrings made of differents colors and brights gemstones: rose quartz with peridot (photo1);turquoise with moonstone,amethyst with moonstone(photo2);lapiz lazuli,dalmatian jasper with onyx...You can choose 2 stones for your bracelet and chocker. They are in a coil wire or differents longs.**FREE SHIPPING,nationwide,with the purchase of 3 or more jewelries or a set .Add $1.80 if you want tracking number.You can order the set or differents bracelets or chockers.For 1 or 2,shipping is $4.80+$1.80 tracking.Minimum
Payment:money order or check.
Note: Pendants are not included but you can add one.
Photo1:Rose quartz with peridot or other 2 combinations.Coil wire.
Photo2:Amethyst with moonstone chocker or bracelet.With tiny beads in silver or gold.Other 2 combinations available.Bracelet or chocker in turquoise with moonstone.
Price: bracelet-$15.00,chocker-$25.00,set-$35.00
Click here for lariats of lapiz lasuli,dalmatian jasper with onyx,wood and more.Other styles:with clasps instead of spiral wire and lariats with tips.Stones:what they mean
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Jean's Belt:green-brown turquoise with beads in old
gold color and tip.You can add charm.
I haveOnly one:$30.00,with charms-$35.00.Other gems:Price:$40.00.Metal beads may vary,also in old silver.SOON leather belts with donuts stones.
Egyptian Style:Soft Blue lace agate long beads separate by tinny beads(or silver beads),snowflake obsidian with silver beads(or with beads),pink-grey-black rhodonite together(or separate with silver or beads in between)- $35.00 each
Beautiful brightness;Rose quartz set-$58.00 necklace,earrings and bracelet.Necklace(drops with silver beads)only-$35.00
Bracelet(quartz pieces with silver beads)only
Earrings(drops,silver beads in transparent threat)only-
by Mynny
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