Welcome to Abeir-Toril, Friends and Travelers!
Who am I, you ask? Well, you may call me the Dark Bard, no more and no less. I am indeed a bard,  a well-traveled one at that, and I would be most honored to give you a grand tour of the realms! Surely that is why you are here... is it not?
Of course it is! Come, then, click on a link below, and we shall journey, you and I. Who knows what you may find: adventure, wisdom, romance, comradery, perhaps even treasure! All are welcome!
But 'ware, friends... not all Realmsian natives are as friendly as I. Not all places are as pleasant as this.    Step lightly... a monster might lurk around any corner, a devious trap might go off at any step, and terrors might leap out from any shadow.
But what grim talk is this? Stay away from those darker corners of the Realms, and you shall surely be happier... and much livelier to boot. Come, let us drop this dark subject, and go on our merry way.......
Places to Go:
Waterdeep & the North
Evermeet, Island of Elves
The Dalelands
Icewind Dale
The Underdark (Enter at your own risk!)
The Astral Plane
This is a page designed with multiple purposes in mind. I certainly hope to be able to have a bboard-based role-playing game on here, but this is mainly a fanfiction site for those as passionate about the Forgotten Realms (and fantasy in general)  as I am. All writers are welcome, all submissions are welcome: short stories, long stories, even poems and songs, if you have them, are welcome! I will try to keep this place as updated as humanly possible, so do come back often to check us out!
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