With the conviction that music is nothing if not shared, one of the primary goals of the choir is to touch as many people as possible with this beautiful and exciting music. As Calvin L. Hick, the choir's founder put it, " the true function of the music is not simply to entertain, but to prepare the listener for a message, to make the listener more receptive to the spirit... and with the effect of voice and rhythm, to evoke a shared community experience." with this goal in mind, the chorus strives to secure as many engagements as possible to perform its music. 

To have the coir perform at your next event, contact the manager Amina Michel-Lord or Donnell Patterson

Upcoming Concerts 

Coming Soon on Break until Fall Semester



NEC Community Gospel Choir 


The purpose and mission of the NEC Community Gospel Choir is to explore and master the full spectrum of musical mood and styles that encompass the Gospel music genre, and to share this music with the broadest possible audience. We're dedicated to performing the various styles of Gospel music to the highest standards of quality. Contrary to some popular misconceptions about Gospel music as a lot of uncontrolled "whooping and hollering," the genre involves extraordinary control and technique, and a myriad of music dynamics. 

According to the choir founder. Calvin L. Hicks, "the art depends on the full expressive resources of the human voice... As a choir, its goal is to master each style and perform each selection with a rich, full sound that transcends each individual to sound like one single voice".








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