The opinions expressed here are not necessarlly those of my family or friends.
                                           About Myself
   I was born  in June  1955  in CA, we  moved to WI when I was 11 where I finished  High School  in 1973 and then went  to collage for a couple years as a Hotel and Restauront major. I dropped out to go to work ..spent a year and a half working for a aircraft insturment manufacture, worked as a ,labor ,painter, hot tar roofer ,and drywaller between the  5 years I spent manageing restauronts. I moved to WA state in "78"  where  meet my wife.  We have been married for 25 years and have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls , and we have 2 grandchildren.
    I started my apprenticship in the Millwrights in 1981 and have spent the last 23 years as a Union Millwright in the Pacfic North West mostly in WA State.  I have worked  on aluminum rolling  mills , titanium plants,  papermachines, robots, nuclear reactors, steam turbine/generators, overhead bridge cranes, hydro turbine/generators, gas turbines and other assorted industrial equipment . I have been shop steward and forman  I am a crane operator, a certified rigger and welder.
    For fun I like the outdoors ,hikeing to hotsprings , hunting fishing ,sking,and raceing go-karts with my son. I love to read, we own a used book store that my wife runs.
    I also am a inventor ; I never meet a machine I couldn't improve on and I have a hundred ideas  many  crazy or impractical but a half dozen that are quite marketable if I had the capital to get them produced and on a shelf...(any angle investors out there?  :)
A wise man once pointed out to me that "  political free thinking is best done with a martini in one hand and a cigar in the other " maybe so but this is the best forum I have and if you disagree with what I have to say than move on, you won't hurt my feelings, I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
When I do point out problems with things I also try to offer a solution to them.

Please excuse any mispelling I have spelling disorder related to dyslexia and no spell check on this page builder . The good Lord made me a machanical genius but I can't spell my way out of a wet paper bag ...Oh well :)
>>>>  Abortion and Social Security ..We have killed 30 million children that would be paying into S.S..
The system started with 16 workers for every retiree we are down to a 3 to 1  we need to bring in more working young people or reduce benifits.  What if every couple that had a abortion and doesn't later raise a child  has their benifits cut .
   We also need to stop the politicins from robbing the SS system of the extra money we "boomers" have been putting in to build up a surpluss they give us government bonds that must be paied in the future with interst to make themselfs look better" look I reduced the deficet" ..they are takeing our retirement saveings and spending it on tax cuts for the rich today and then they will die and stick us with the bill and a bankrupt system ...
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