At Harold's place on Anza Street in SF.  Some of my 
       friends From left to right:  Debbie, Jennifer, Devon and Alicia.
       Debbie and Devon are 80's theme breakdancing/hiphop, Jennifer
       as you can see is Padme Amidala from SW Episode II.

      Some more of my friends.  From left to right:  Rob, Chris, 
      Debbie (again) Harold (at the top with the boom box), TJ and 
      Alicia (again)

        OMG I FOUND WALDO!!!!!

       I took this picture right as we entered Market Street.  This was
       right before the crowds became shoulder to shoulder.  People
       had to travel by way of human trail =P

       What you don't see here.....because someone *ahem Chris* 
       walked in front is that these robots are..."Homo-robotics".  You
       can see part of the label right below the dome.



       Some of the many drag queens.  The one in the white was 
       particularly well done.

       LOTR characters with Jennifer in the middle.

       Okay...now Bush and the cowgirl, (actually its a guy) have 
       nothing to do with eachother in this pic...but it thought this 
       depiction of Bush was quite funny =P

       And Jesus loves all the little children....



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