So you want to know about me eh?

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Location:  Near San Francisco, California.                             
Occupation: Legal Secretary (that's right,
respect the law biznitches)
Status: Married
Children: One son.
Pets:  Cosmo Kyeeeety
Likes:  Science Fiction, Art, Nature, Cars, 
Mountain Biking, College, Disneyland, Good food,
Nice Sunny warm days, Lounging, camping,
Home improvement (selectively), Music,
when things go right, movies, I love Lucy, sleep,
clean people, Fantasy items.
Dislikes: Damn dirty liars, mold,
Cold rainy windy days, people that don't 
do sh*t right the first time,  lazy bastards, 
crappy food, people that can't drive, Depression,
people that litter (have some respect damn you), 
STINGY AND SELFISH PEOPLE., people that constantly repeat themselves and run things into the ground, ugh...and that's about it for now.
Rides: '85 Subaru wagon GL, '03 Matrix (NO SPOON)
'91 Toyota Corolla Wagon.

To be continued..........


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