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  There are lots of good Astronomy Pages, out 
 here on the net. Some better than others, but 
 then I'm not trying to compete with anyone. 
 Except to help you experiance a few of the ones 
 that I myself and friends have found and enjoyed...
  On this page, you'll find a few of our favorites, 
 and links to the ones that I can remember, most 
 of them will offer, some very good pictures and 
 images for you to download or view, as well as 
 numerous articles and such...
  Some of the links may be a bit out of date but I'll 
 get to them as soon as I find out where thier 
 respective sites have moved to, thanks...

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 links you encounter here, you could be surprised, 
 as to what you may find, out there......      
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My Favorite Star Links

Hubble Space Telescope, Public Pictures
A very excellent site, lots of pictures, and links...
Saskatoon Centre of the RASC
(Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) A very complete site, lots of links and images...
Space Image Libraries
This is the site, to check out, if your looking for lots of links...
"Webstars" Astronomy on the WWW
High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive (Heasarc) Space and astronomy science's page, links, images, very excellent site...
Sky & Telescope's Home Page
Home of Sky & Telescope on the web, links, articles, images, check it out...
Here's another good magazine... check it out...
NASA's comet observation home page
Here You'll find More comets, and other cool stuff...
Messier Objects:
Here's a comprehensive treatment of the Messier Catalogue
SETI Institute:
Here's where you'll find the, Search for extra-terrestial intelligence
The University of Arizona comet roundup
If You like comets, try out this page, and see what you find...
Astronomer Magazine _ UK
Here's another Good Magazine...Try it...
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Just what the name say's... try out this site...
European Southern Observatory
Another Execellent site...But Then all of them are...:)

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