February 24, 2006


TO:  All Members and Participants


As determined by the board of directors meeting held Saturday, February 18, 2006,

the following is our ANNUAL EVENTS CALENDAR FOR 2006.  Post it on your “frige-door” or bulletin board as a reminder to attend every opportunity you have.  


NOTE:  The Club will reinstitute the Gun Dog Competition for Club events.  At least four single marks will be offered at each Club event.  Members successfully completing 12 single retrieves-to-hand throughout the year will receive a plaque.  The proposed calendar of events allows for 24 marks throughout the year for members to earn the required 12 points to qualify.  This competition has been a great stimulus in the past to encourage participation of new members and beginning dog handlers and to reward their early achievements. 


            All Club events will be held on Saturdays and will start at 9:00 am.


DATE                                      EVENT                     

            February 25 (Saturday)            Training Session & Gun Dog Stake                  

            March 5                                   Hunt Test Judging Seminar

(Greater Lincoln Obedience Club, 4910 N. 57th St, Lincoln)

March  25                                Club Field Trial & Gun Dog Stake                               

April 28, 29, & 30                   Licensed Field Trial                                                                           May 21                                    Board Meeting

May 27                                    Club Hunt Test & Gun Dog Stake        

June 24, 25                             Licensed Hunt Test

July 16                                     Board Meeting

July 22                                     Club Picnic, Gun Dog Stake, Super Singles & others

August 26, 27                         Licensed Hunt Test

Sept. 29- Oct. 1                      Licensed Field Trial

October 15                              Board Meeting

October 21                              Club Field Trial & Gun Dog Stake

November 18                           Training Session & Gun Dog Stake

December                                No Events Planned      

January 20, 2007                      Annual Meeting


LICENSED EVENT start times and all other details on the Premium List and support documents can be accessed on the Entry Express Event Management System’s website:


THE CLUB WILL HOST A PICNIC for members and guests at the grounds in July. Participants can earn Gun Dog points, show off their dog’s retrieving prowess in a Super Singles competition and demonstrate their handling skills in an obstacle course. Most important we want the members to have a chance to meet other members and have fun.


SUCESSFUL EVENTS require the contribution of all members and participants.  Your club needs you to attend and help produce the event activities. You will receive phone or other requests to help at the above events. Please be a contributor.


2006 MEMBERSHIP DUES are $100.00, are due January 1, 2006, and can be paid at the initial club events of the season or mailed to: NDHC c/o Jack Shadley, 2424 North 74th Street, Lincoln NE 68507.


THE GROUNDS GATE LOCK WILL BE REKEYED, effective March 25.  You will be issued a new key on or before March 25 upon receipt of your club dues. New keys will be mailed to all paid members.


CLUB OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS elected at the annual meeting last month are:

Elbert Traylor, President,  Doug Bloom, Vice President, Jack Shadley, Secretary/Treasurer, David Jansma, Tina Murphy and Greg Heier.  Larry Heil was appointed to complete of the term of Jeff Wild who resigned.  Please direct any questions you may have to board members at any time.


NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE FOR LAND replacement following the end of our current lease in December, 2008, which will likely be non-renewable. The Board will continue with Lower Platte North NRD for development of a retriever training and competition grounds near Wahoo.  We also will discuss development of a training ground higher in the water shed and pursue the possibility of leasing or purchasing one of those tracts for private use by the club.


A WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN is currently being established to monitor and treat if necessary our pond at the grounds for possible algae toxins during the spring and summer seasons.

Regular weekly testing of water samples will begin about April 1st.  Treatment will be considered if indicated by tests, and additional pumping of water into the pond to dilute algae build up will be conducted as necessary.  If you have additional concerns about this subject contact Jack or Elbert.

Further information will be posted on the Club’s email and website as appropriate.


A NDHC WEB SITE developed in 2004 includes general information about the club and will continue to be updated for that purpose and others. The web URL is 


NOW…the club has added an EMAIL address for corresponding club activities and other information. The NDHC email address is [email protected] Currently the are about 70 persons listed on the club membership list, but only about one third of those 70 list an email address…some of which are no longer functional. We would like to establish as many current email contacts with members as possible to reduce the need for direct postal mailing of this information.


ENCLOSED is a current member list. If you have any changes or additions to your contact information, address, phone number(s)…including an operating email address…please communicate that information to us by the following methods so the clubs records can be as accurate as possible.   [email protected]  [email protected] or telephone 402-466-4578.


WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL at the club activities this year.  HAVE A GREAT “DOG” YEAR!!!





Jack Shadley

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