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We are a community of Catholic Young Adults of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Our members come from various parishes in the Northeast Baltimore Region. We are exploring our Christian identity through faith building, service, and social gatherings.
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St. Jude's Shrine
Visit St. Jude's Shrine's web site for their upcoming events or contact [email protected] or call 410-685-6026.
WE ARE SEEKING YOUNG ADULTS TO PREPARE THE NORTHEAST YOUNG ADULT NEWSLETTER FOR THE UPCOMING CALENDAR YEAR. We have volunteers through July 2003. Three more volunteers needed. If goal is obtained you will only be obligated for one, 2-month, newsletter a year. If goal is not met, this newsletter may be discontinued. Please contact: Maureen @ [email protected], or Meghan @ 410-248-2878 or [email protected], if interested in preparing the newsletter.
Prayer Service
Thanks to everyone who organized and celebrated our one-year anniversary as a ministry through the young adult prayer service on Saturday, June 2nd, 2001. Among those in attendance were Carrie, Craig P., Laura, Suzanne, Kristen, Selina, Aimee, Greg, Craig K., Paul S., Dale, David, and John O. (Sorry if I left anyone out!).

Oriole Games with Young Adults
Many thanks to Carrie Sauter for obtaining the tickets of an exciting Orioles baseball game on Friday, June 22nd. The weather outside was frightful (with the possibility of thunderstorms!), but the Orioles victory was delightful! They defeated the Chicago White Sox in come-from-behind fashion 6-4! Among those in attendance were Carrie, Craig P., Meghan, Rosemary, Maureen, Tina, Dale, Suzanne, Kim K., Mike, Brenda, Jeff, Paul S., Brian, and Greg (I'm going on memory big time!).

Young Adult Mass at Holy Cross Church
What a wonderful way for Suzanne, Aimee, Brenda, Jeff, Craig K., and Greg to finish the weekend than to attend the Young Adult Mass at Holy Cross Church on Sunday, June 24th. After mass, a reception was held in the parish hall. For our (WEATHER TERM ALERT!) "nor'easters", it was a special treat as the celebrant celebrated his birthday with the congregation by passing out DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE!

Justice Action Week
Muchos gracias to Kristen for organizing the preparation of meals on Thursday, June 28th for Justice Action Week. Among those in attendance were Kristen, John O., Laura, Maureen, Rosemary, Aimee, Brenda, Kim, Kristina, and Greg. Afterwards, an intense game of...Bible Pictionary...took place!

June Happy Hour
"That's the way, uh huh uh huh! I like it, uh huh uh huh!": Nor'easters showing off their dance moves at Have a Nice Day Caf� on Friday, June 29th. Among those strutting their stuff were Dale, Kellie, Maureen, Rosemary, Marie, Tina, Kim K., Doug, Paul A., Lisa, Kim, John O., Aimee, and Greg. (Forgive me once again if I left anybody out. I'm typing this at 2am!!!).

Zoo Trip
Kim K., Kristen, Brenda, Paul A., John O., Aimee, Christian, and Greg spent the day with the animals of the Baltimore Zoo on Saturday, July 7th. Highlights of the afternoon included the majesty of the elephants and John and Christian, dubbed the Hat Guys, looking like Indiana Jones!

July Happy Hour
Attendees of our happy hour on Friday, July 27th at The Bay Cafe enjoyed the warm, summer breeze just east of the Inner Harbor. Some of those present included Dawn, Meghan, Maureen, Rosemary, Dale, Paul S., Kim K., Kristen, Craig K., Paul A., Brenda, Doug, Aimee, Brian, and Greg.

August Happy Hour
The Wild Duck Caf� in Bowley�s Quarters was the place to be on Friday, August 24th. Among those enjoying the marina/beach atmosphere were Christine, Dawn, Dale, Meghan, Rosemary, Maureen, Kellie, John S., Paul S., Doug, Kate, Kim K., Aimee, and Greg.

Our Daily Bread
Kristen, Suzanne, Aimee, and Greg participated preparing meals for Our Daily Bread on Thursday, August 30th in the kitchen of St. Francis of Assisi. It took them less than an hour to prepare six casseroles! Not bad.

Rock and Bowl
The young adults we�re rockin' and bowlin' at the Perry Hall Bowling Lanes on Saturday, September 15th. Arnel, Judd, Jason, Kristen, Suzanne, Paul A., and Greg bowled while Aimee, Paul S., and John S. cheered on!

Ecumenical Sunday
The Sunday morning service on September 16th at St. John�s Lutheran Church was very much like a Catholic Mass with a few exceptions. One interesting portion took place before the service even began. The pastor asked people in the congregation how they were affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks on our nation. Quite a few people were affected in some way. Those in attendance were Dale, Meghan, Maureen, Rosemary, Suzanne, Kristen, Paul A., Alice, Craig K., and Greg. Afterwards, most of us went to TGIFriday's for lunch.

September Happy Hour
The Ropewalk Tavern in Federal Hill on Friday, September 28th provided an excellent venue for relaxing after a week at work. Those who came to unwind were Paul B., Kristen, Tim, Dawn, Chrissy, Paul S., Doug, Kim K., Brenda, Craig K., Aimee, and Greg.

End of Summer Picnic
Many thanks to the Keenan Family for providing an end of summer hootinanny on Saturday, September 29th. Despite the chilly temperatures, Deacon and Mrs. Keenan's hospitality were plenty to warm the heart, soul, AND stomach! Among those enjoying their lush backyard, filled with a campfire, pond, foot bridge, and gazebo, were (of course) Meghan, Dale, Maureen, Rosemary, Marie, Jim, Matt, Dawn, Chrissy, Paul S., Craig K., Alice, Amy, Lisa, Doug, Kellie, Brenda, Tim, Aimee, and Greg.

Oriole Games with Young Adults
After two postponements, the young adults FINALLY attended their second Orioles game of the season on Friday, October 5th. Those who said goodbye to Cal Ripken Jr. in his third-to-last game were Meghan, Jim, Dale, Kellie, Rosemary, Craig K., Dawn, Mark S., Phil, and Greg. In addition to cheering for Cal, we also celebrated Meghan's birthday with party hats and noise-makers!

October Happy Hour
On Friday, October 26th, the young adults "Rome"d over to the newest sports bar in town: The Coliseum. Those who enjoyed food, folks, fun, and trivia were Doug, Dawn, Steve, Kim K., Tim, Dale, Rosemary, Marie, Alice, Craig K., Kellie, Chrissy, and Greg.

November Happy Hour
It was a return trip to Champion Billiards Cafe on Friday, November 30th. Among those who dined, threw darts, and shot pool were Dale, Dawn, Steve, Meghan, Kellie, Maureen, Rosemary, Paul A., Kristen, Mark B., Alice, Tim, Chrissy, Paul S., Aimee, and Greg.

The Wall
John O., Laura, Kim K., Kristen, and Paul A. performed with fellow Christian music lovers at The Wall on Saturday, December 1st. Aimee and Greg came by to sing along with the audience.

Potluck Dinner
Our potluck dinner and service project to benefit the Franciscan Center was held on Sunday, December 2nd at St. Ursula School. Those who helped the needy AND helped themselves to some delicious food were Dale, Meghan, Maureen, Rosemary, Paul A., Lisa, Alice, Kristen, Tim, Mark B., Craig K., Paul S., Aimee, and Greg.

One-Day Retreat
Our Second-Ever Day of Retreat was held on Saturday, December 8th at Saint Jude Shrine. Many thanks to Fr. Frank Danio, Stephanie Roberts, and especially our own Kristen Foley for organizing a day set aside for prayer, reflection, and worship. Among those who attended this holy day (which fell on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception) were Selina, Craig K., John O., Laura, Paul S., Tim, Kathleen, Aimee, and Greg.

Christmas Party
We held our Christmas Party for the second consecutive year at Stingers on Friday, December 21st. Those who enjoyed great food and some very bizarre gifts were Paul S., Doug, Kristen, Paul A., Kevin, Dale, Laura, John O., Joe, Suzanne, Brenda, Craig K., Aimee, and Greg.

January Mass and Brunch
Brenda, Craig K., Lisa, Paul A., and Greg attended the contemporary Mass at St. Michael the Archangel Church on Sunday, January 13th, 2002. Afterwards, Dale joined us for what seemed like a massive feast at the Golden Corral.

Weekend Retreat
Brenda, Paul S., and Greg joined the St. Mark's Parish Young Adults for their 9th annual weekend retreat on January 18th-20th. Fr. Greg Moore, O.F.M. from the Franciscan Friary in Ellicott City, MD lead this year's reflection, "Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize: Christian Hope in Times of Trial." Saturday was highlighted in white, as 4 inches of snow fell on the Blue Ridge Summit.

January Happy Hour
We decided to eat good and plenty at the Carrabba's Italian Grill on Friday, January 25th. Among those who enjoyed anything from Manicotti to Prime Ribs were Kristen, Suzanne, Paul A., Lisa, Brenda, Kellie, Meghan, Dawn, Steve, Craig K., Rosemary, Marie, Kim K., Dale, Brian, and Greg.

Ice Skating
Olympic fever hit several members at the Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena on Saturday, February 16th. Those skating for the gold (riggght!) were Meghan, Kellie, Kristen, Suzanne, Selina, Brenda, Rose, Lisa, Paul A., Paul S., and Greg.

February Happy Hour
The Silver Spring Mining Company was the place to be on Friday, February 22nd. Among those in attendance were Kathleen, Cindy, Craig K., Dale, Kristen, Maureen, Kellie, Brenda, Alice, Brian, Aimee, and Greg.

Brenda, Craig K., Paul S., and Greg were ready for some walleyball at Perring Athletic Club on Friday, March 8th. Afterwards, Aimee, Paul A., and Lisa joined them for a late dinner at the Red Brick Station.

Lenten Retreat
A Lenten day of retreat was held on Saturday, March 9th at Saint Jude Shrine. The theme for the day was "In the Desert but not Deserted". Many thanks to Fr. Frank, Stephanie, Kristen, and Tim for organizing the day. Among those in attendance were Kathleen, Aimee, and Greg.

April Happy Hour
Several young adults strapped on their somberoes on Friday, April 26th at El Salto Mexican restaurant. Those in attendance for the fiesta were Alice, Maureen, Dale, Rosemary, Meghan, Tim, Craig K., Paul S., Kellie, Brian, Aimee, and Greg.

May Happy Hour
That's Nacho Mama, but your papa! Tim, Brenda, Mark, Kristen, Mark S., Kathleen, Aimee, and Greg feasted at the Mexican eatery in Canton on Friday, May 31st, 2002.

Special thanks to Maureen Smith and Meghan Keenan for writing the newsletter. Additional information and comments are provided by the webmaster, Greg Krasowski, who last modified this page on 09/26/03.

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